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Furniture brands behind the Fifty Shades of Grey set design

We already know who designed the set of recent most wanted and expected movie. Let’s take a closer look at the brands and their products that will appear on the screen.

To light up Mr. Grey’s apartment, Delightfull is gracing the set with the Turner table lamp and the Ike floor lamp from their vintage collection. Inspiration for the lamps came from the great musicians of the past and jazz legends.


Boca do Lobo is setting the mood with the Diamond Sideboard and Pixel Anodized cabinet with the incredible and contemporary design for an exquisite and timeless interior décor. Known for elegant and refined design, Boca do Lobo is a synonym of luxury exclusivity.

boca do lobo

For a more animalistic approach and temperamental connection with nature, Brabbu presents the Sequoia Center Table and the Vellum Wall Light. The raw shapes of the pieces combined with its delicate lines and modern style bring nature’s savageness – the hallmark of Brabbu designs – into the set.


Finally, complementing gracefully the décor, we have Koket that presents their passionate and highly desirable pieces – the charming Burlesque Console, the exquisite Hypnotic Chandelier and very feminine Desire Sofa and Chair.

My passion and mission with KOKET is to create highly desirable, empowering statement pieces. The essence of my pieces dreamily complements the film’s aura of desire, passion and power. Although I never thought my collection would be powerful enough to grace the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, our inclusion has revealed the influence of exceptional design”, admits the founder of KOKET Janet Morais.



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