Frank Roop – a sense of style
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Frank Roop – a sense of style

Frank Roop is an interior designer that began his firm in 1998. Till now he had received some awards and have been published in several magazines.

What makes this designer a different designer is his point of view, his approach to every single project and his understanding of the costumers needs. Frank feels anyone can develop their own sense of style with a little help. It is his goal to create environments that stir his client’s senses and are something that he is proud of.

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Frank Roop – a sense of style

He believes in creating original environments that are ‘couture’. To achieve this it is essential that the ingredients that go into his projects are unique: almost all of the furniture and furnishings he uses are either antique or of his own exclusive design and who doesn’t love an exclusive piece?

Frank Roop – a sense of style

It is very important to him that his client’s home reflects their personality and how they want to live while being sophisticated in taste. Thanks to this ideas he has had projects photographed for numerous publications both nationally and internationally and he was also named by House Beautiful in 2003 as one of the top 25 young designers in America. In 2010 Architectural Digest France named him one of the 70 most influential designers internationally. In 2011 Architectural Digest France listed him as one of the 80 best designers.

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Take a look at his amazing projects and check why he his so big in the interior design area. Maybe next time you will have to redecorate your home, you can ask for one of the best interior designers and fall in love for your home again.

Frank Roop – a sense of style   Frank Roop – a sense of styleFrank Roop – a sense of style