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Exclusive Interview With Little Crown Interiors

Little Crown Interiors

Interior design is filled with riddles and challenges to overcome. They say a bolt of lightning never strikes twice on the same spot, and we can surely adapt that metaphor to interior design. Every project’s different from the previous one. Now let’s take that to a whole new level, which is designing kids’ spaces. In order for us to better understand the challenges of an interior designer who specializes in making the little ones feeling special, we spoke with Naomi Coe, founder, and designer of Little Crown Interiors. Naomi’s creative modern bohemian interiors allow children to pursue their most creative thoughts while maintaining a stylish and calm environment.

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Exclusive Interview With Little Crown Interiors

One of the things that attract the most Naomi to her work is the availability to work with her and the client’s imagination. Working in nurseries and children’s bedrooms allow a bolder use of color and, as Naomi says, ”patterns and décor that wouldn’t otherwise show up in the main areas of the home. That sense of whimsy really makes my work fun!” 

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For Naomi, the most challenging part of her career was in 2007, when she was launching Little Crown Interiors. The designer said that there weren’t many specialized nursery and children’s furniture brands and manufacturers, which meant it was hard to source some pieces for her designs. That, aligned with the fact that social media weren’t as powerful as they are today, created the biggest challenges in the designer’s then recently-born studio, ” We had to rely on more traditional marketing to get our name out there.

Exclusive Interview With Little Crown Interiors

Regarding the Future and what goals are left to achieve, Naomi has her hands full of plans for what is yet to come,

“My goals are constantly changing, and I always see new things on the horizon.  I would love to have a product line someday. Designing products is very different from designing rooms, but it’s something I would love to explore.” Naomi Alon Coe

What fulfills Naomi is the unique ability and privilege she has to design interiors that truly delight her clients in a unique way – the joy of creating a space for a new family member. The look on their face when they see the finished room is always so wonderful! says Naomi, and we can take her word on it.

Exclusive Interview With Little Crown Interiors

Naomi’s latest big endeavor was the writing of her own book Your Perfect Nursery. Her goal was to introduce parents to nursery design and to help these same people in achieving the nursery room of their dreams. ”’ I’m so excited that it’s out now, so expecting parents can have a comprehensive resource for all things nursery design.”

Exclusive Interview With Little Crown Interiors

”So many of my clients are concerned about quality. I try to always use furniture that’s high quality, well made and that will last, but that’s also a good value.  I like to suggest to my clients that they should invest in the pieces that can last them for years.” Naomi Alon Coe

Finally, Naomi, the head of Little Crown Interiors, highlighted virtual design as the up-and-coming change in the trade. The designer has been doing a lot of e-design in the past few years, so she didn’t feel any awkwardness towards the trend. Especially now with the pandemic status, e-design has transformed into a full-time reality in the trade. And, for Naomi, it’s here to stay.

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