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Exclusive Interview With Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca

Born and raised in Rome, Alessandra Branca has called Chicago home for 30+ years.  She acquired her love of classical beauty from her Italian upbringing and those roots still speak to her soul today. She believes living well involves comfort, elegance, and a touch of whimsical and she interjects this in her wide spectrum of projects.

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Exclusive Interview With Alessandra Branca

With her infectious energy and tireless work ethic, Alessandra Branca personally oversees each luxury design project from offices in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.  Her designs are anchored by classical details, rich colors, patterns, and textures, paired with antique and custom furnishings, modern and European art, and distinctive accessories. 

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Alessandra Branca is really passionate about her work as an interior designer. She loves everything, including the difficult tasks, because she always has the satisfaction of seeing the transformation of someone’s ideas be real.

Exclusive Interview With Alessandra Branca

The most challenging time of Alessandra Branca’s career was the earliest part because she knew that she didn’t know enough and she was anxious to learn and was lucky enough to have incredibly wonderful trusting and prescient clients.

Exclusive Interview With Alessandra Branca

Exclusive Interview With Alessandra Branca

She will never have everything she wants because she always will be thinking about new goals. Right now, Alessandra Branca’s biggest dream, as an interior designer, is to do a chalet in Tyrol, Italy! Make clients happy giving them a beautiful end product is what makes Alessandra Branca feel fulfilled professionally. Meeting her own expectations of the project which are most times higher than the clients.

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In Alessandra Branca’s relationship with her audience, she doesn’t need to advertise – her work speaks for itself! Her client type is varied. Currently, the majority are from the tech world and then you have finance too. The one thing that distinguishes all of her clients is that they are passionate and engaged. They trust in Alessandra Branca and understand when to be involved in the process and when not to be.

Alessandra Branca doesn’t follow trends, she rather set them. For her, interior design is about Quality. And that’s it she would like to see in the design world in the future.

At this moment, Alessandra Branca is working on a lot of different and exciting new projects. Here you have some of them:

  • A Venetian inspired villa/palazzo in Palm Beach;
  • A big island property in the Caribbean – very fresh, edited & modern approach to Caribbean living;
  • A wonderful old house in Buckhead, Atlanta – a modern take on an old Southern living;
  • A home in LA – her take on a California Mediterranean lifestyle;
  • A home for herself in PB! New old school Jon Volk house;
  • Townhouse in San Francisco – Modern 19th Century townhouse.

Also, in the field of collaborations, Alessandra Branca is working on some shoes and accessories for Casa Branca Collections.

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In craftsmanship, this is what Alessandra Branca thinks is leading the way: There are SOOOOO many wonderful vendors left. Penn & Fletcher for embroidery. Bielecki for rattan. Stephen Antonson for beautiful fixtures. Mitchell Denburg for rugs. MJ Atelier. Oh my… there are so many! We seek out really wonderful craftsmen. And last but not least, de Gournay.