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Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy, An Incredible Design Russian Duo

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Irina and Evgeny Patrushev are a couple devoted to the Design Industry and for some decades now they have been responsible for some of the most stunning design projects in Russia. Famous for their Architectural and Design Approach, Irina and Evgeny Patrushev’s passion for Design and Creative Inspirations is well printed on their Professional DNA! 


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Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy, An Incredible Design Russian Duo
Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy,


It wasn’t always easy to work in this industry for this duo. In the era after Perestroika, there wasn’t a market for Interior Design Services, but the truth is that the  Irina and Evgeny Patrushev survived those hard times and managed to become some of the pioneers of this growing industry in Russia. For Irina and Evgeny Patrushev, the profession of an interior designer implies constant self-improvement and the accumulation of knowledge and skills, namely a constant study of the new trends and styles! They consider it’s impossible to be completely satisfied with the work they have done because you can always do something better, because there is no limit to improvement.


Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy, An Incredible Design Russian Duo
Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy,


The Patrushev team  have a very personal participation and immersion in the project. They work with the customer individually, because they believe that is in the process of communication that the designer should understand his desires as accurately as possible, reflecting the character, lifestyle, and style of this person in the interior. The studio is structured as bureau and, as a rule, a whole team of designers, architects and visualizers work under the personal supervision of Irina and Evgeny in any project so they maintain the vision that the couple got from the clients. 



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Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy, An Incredible Design Russian Duo
Evgeny and Irina Patrushevy


As a rule, Irina and Evgeny the renowned designers draw inspiration from nature and the beauty of their native places and travels in Europe. Is was that inspiration source of that led to some of their most amazing projects like the amazing office center they are currently working on.



For the future, Irina and Evgeny envision a world of design that will be increasingly technological and practical. The client’s personality is currently more important than fashion/ trend and they believe that in the near future this will continue to be a true statement. The rational use of any resources and healthy minimalism will also be a clear trend. The world will continue to appreciate handicraft and individual approach to the customer, art and new technologies that will help transform space.


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