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Discover the Design Excelence of Eric Kuster

Originally Publised on March, 2020

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Eric Kuster is the master of Metropolitan Luxury Living, a style he perfected across the years!  He began creating in 1989, and he got an instant success due to his design eye for color and his passion for the tones and hues of nature ensured that he was quickly noticed and offered the opportunity to open a shop in the trendy town of Laren, The Netherlands. All Image Credits to Eric Kuster




Specializing in high-end furniture, lighting and textiles, the outlet quickly became a destination lifestyle store. Fascinated by the splendor and high level of comfort of staying at a top high-end international design hotel around the globe, the Dutch designer soon developed his own furniture line, as well as a collection of fabrics.


Discover the Design Excelence of Eric Kuster


Kuster’s style of sophistication, glamour and comfort inspired him to start his own label, appropriately named Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury. What truly marks him is his design idiom. It is a use of a perfect balance between classic and modern and at the same time reflecting the multitude of styles he encounters on his travels. One of the most striking components of the Eric Kuster brand is the villa, located in the high society retreat of Crailo, in Holland, which doubles up as design studio, showroom and occasional residence. Most recently Kuster has opened showrooms in Amsterdam, Dubai and Moscow.


“I love my work, I love my company. Of course, I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else, but it is mostly good. Always after a bad day you have a good one and the positives outweigh the negatives ten fold. Having said that, what gets me out of bed most mornings is planes. Often I have to get up at 5:00am to catch a flight at 7:00am. That happens at least three times a week.”


Harmony of the light and darkness, the light and the heavy, the classic and the modern… Fur, silk, suede, satin… Attention to details… Welcome to the glamorous and attractive world of Eric Kuster, a full range designer that produces stunning products and, above all, amazing and intemporal interior design projects.


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