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Elle Decor 2023 | Best Interior Designers From New York

Elle Decor 2023 is here! The beating heart of America, New York, is a metropolis with a certain vitality and allure. Beyond the city’s well-known skyline and busy streets, there is a world of interior design that showcases the city’s rich architectural history, contemporary flare, and broad cultural heritage. The interior design scene in New York offers a compelling tapestry of styles that combines creativity and timelessness, from sleek modern lofts to baroque brownstones. We shall examine the top interior designers in New York in this piece.

Elle Decor 2023 | Best Interior Designers From New York

1. Nicole Fuller Interiors

Awarded luxury design company Nicole Fuller Interiors specializes in high-end, highly personalized residential and commercial projects both domestically and internationally. With her domestic design work, Nicole, who is based in New York and has offices in Los Angeles, has developed a reputation for excellence. The spaces Nicole creates are opulent and refined examples of her unwavering commitment to visually stunning and polished design. No challenge is too great for Nicole; whether it be hand-painting wall treatments, creating custom furnishings, or sourcing vintage accents.

2. Pamplemousse Design

Pamplemousse Design, a full-service interior design firm with a focus on luxury residential projects, was founded in 2000. They serve as curators to assist clients in creating their own collections thanks to their broad understanding of decorative arts, which spans numerous historical periods from Louis XVI to modern design. They contribute significant architectural and technical understanding to their projects in addition to their knowledge of furniture and furnishings. They frequently represent their clients throughout the entire project, collaborating closely with their architects and builders.

3. Pappas Miron Design

The Manhattan-based, full-service interior design company Pappas Miron Design has been named to Elle Decor’s A-List for both 2020 and 2021. The company’s creators, Tatyana Miron Ahlers and Alexandra Pappas, aim to design timeless interiors that are stylish and trendy but yet inviting and livable. A distinct viewpoint that displays a love of vibrant colors, distinctive textiles, a blend of classic and modern features, and one-of-a-kind handcrafted furnishings runs through each project.

4. Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd

A small office turned into a renowned design group, Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd was founded in 2006 in New York City. Now with offices in both New York and London, the design group has been involved in countless interior design projects from residential to commercial, all of them executed considering a very particular design vision and great attention to detail. Their method is incredibly strategic, and they have a very contemporary approach when it comes to design.

5. Redd Kaihoi

Miles Redd made the decision to launch his own New York-based design company in 1999 after working with Bunny Williams, a legend in the field of interior design, for five years. He works on a variety of residential projects over many years, from modest downtown apartments to expansive uptown homes, and is adaptable and wise enough to satisfy a wide range of clients. Meanwhile, David Kaihoi was employed as an art installer when Redd first met him. The New York-based design firm’s name was legally changed to Redd Kaihoi after the design team began working together more than ten years ago.

6. Richard Mishaan Design

The Richard Mishaan touch, stylistically, is an expansive one, which is not surprising—he himself is an expansive person. His combined knowledge of fashion, architecture, and interior design, plus his cultural roots, gives him a deep understanding of luxury and quality. Mishaan has authored two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern both published by Monacelli Press, a division of Random House.

7. Robert Stilin

Robert Stilin is knowledgeable about the history of design. He has surrounded his New York City house with renowned items like a Pierre Chapo chair, a Charlotte Perriand stool, and a Paul Laszlo lamp. And he has assembled a sizable collection of works of art. “I won’t buy it if I have even the slightest doubt. I’ll find a way to incorporate it into my life if I keep thinking about it, he asserts”. Stilin develops cozy, livable homes that radiate warmth for his clients using his comprehensive design expertise and refined artistic taste.

8. Rodney Lawrence

Principal of his own design firm in New York City, Rodney Lawrence produces dynamic interiors that are chic, elegant, and bursting with character. His multi-layered work, which ranges from high-end residential projects to contemporary commercial locations, is characterized by unity and contrast. Today, Lawrence approaches each commission for a clientele that is becoming more international with more than 15 years of experience and a persistent intellectual zeal. Leading journals including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Galerie, House Beautiful, New York Cottages & Gardens, New York Magazine, and Casa Vogue have all praised his work.

9. Shawn Henderson

In order to be more creative, Shawn Henderson first considers how design may make his clients’ life more attractive. Lightness, flexibility, and cleanliness are the details that make something beautiful. Old materials and furnishings have unexpected beauty because to Shawn Henderson, who frequently gives them new life. Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, Luxe, House Beautiful, and The New York Times have all featured the studio’s work. The amazing honor of being included in the AD100 has also been bestowed upon Shawn Henderson.

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10. StephanieGoto

The purity of space, attention to detail, and experience serve as the foundation for StephanieGoto’s highly refined integrated designs. A critical purity in the understanding of structure, materials, and details guides the design. It’s crucial that details be quiet. The company has developed a holistic strategy at the nexus of branding, art, architecture, culture, and hospitality since its foundation in 2004. A-List for 2023 by Elle Décor, and one of the “Top Ten Firms To Watch” by Architectural Digest in 2015, goto’s projects cover cultural, residential, commercial, hospitality, branding, exhibition, and experiential design.

11. Studio Cooke John

Nina Cooke John established Studio Cooke John, a multidisciplinary design firm that places a strong emphasis on placemaking as a means of transforming interactions between people and the built environment. They respond to how we use space in our daily lives, whether in the family or as a community, working at the scale of the human body, individually or collectively, in the home or on the street. In the quiet of our houses, they act out intimate relationships, but in the open, on the streets, they act out significant relationships with our neighbors.

12. Studio Mellone

The New York-based company Studio Mellone specializes on residential designs and private homes but works on a wide range of projects. Andre Mellone founded the studio, which also works on projects for retail, industry, and product design. Studio Mellone is renowned for its architectural style and use of mid-century modern furniture, and it also has an eye for creating modern interiors with a nod to classic accents and materials.

13. Thom Filicia

Thom Filicia began his career with prominent design firms Parish-Hadley, Robert Metzger, and Bilhuber & Associates before founding his renowned company, Thom Filicia Inc., and going on to become one of today’s most important and regarded product and interior designers. His worldwide projects include residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors. He is a best-selling author and has been hailed as a top designer and global tastemaker. He rose to popularity on the Emmy-winning “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” Style Network, HGTV, and most recently Bravo’s Get A Room with Carson & Thom.

14. Tom Scheerer

In 1995, Tom Scheerer Inc. was established in Manhattan as a professional firm for architecture and interior design. The work of Tom Scheerer is renowned for its gorgeous, stylish, and comfortable furnishings that are complemented by simple, logical architectural solutions. With a high love for art, Tom Scheerer places a strong emphasis on spatial relationships, furniture layout, and the harmony of color and texture. Tom Scheerer prefers to use all parts of interior design within the context of what he calls “relaxed modernism,” yet not having a problem with any particular style.

15. Workshop/APD

The heterogeneous team’s diversity of ability and knowledge is Workshop/APD’s greatest asset. To projects of every size and scope, they contribute diverse viewpoints and a wealth of experience in planning, engineering, branding, interior design, product design, and architecture. Because each project is distinguished by a special mix of abilities and circumstances that cannot be duplicated—the ideal team, collaborators, and consultants—as well as by utterly singular project locations and customer demands and desires—their style is indefinable. But their work, which is painstakingly made, friendly, and thoughtful, is recognizable.

16. Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg, in essence, consists of a design company that has handled a variety of projects throughout the years. The company created by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg has been focusing on the design and projects regarding many interiors, furniture and product designs, for the hospitality and retail industries.

17. Young Huh Interior Design

Young Huh Interior Design is a full-service design firm specializing in luxury residential and hospitality interiors. With impeccable attention to detail and the utmost level of client service, each project is conceived and tailored to fit the clients’ personalities. Fluent in a wide range of styles from timely to timeless, Young’s fresh interiors are clean, classic and luxe, each finished with personalized, chic styling.



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