DimoreEstudio A Studio to be Knowned
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DimoreStudio: A Studio to be Known 

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In 2003, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invested in their individual experience with the profession and study of Design, Art and Fashion, and founded DIMORESTUDIO. 


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DimoreEstudio A Studio to be Knowned


Since that moment, they have designed and carried out every project in a personal and recognizable way: objects created by historical design masters live together with reclaimed materials and other “bespoke” objects to create and forge a particular atmosphere. A timeless visual and emotional pathway.


DimoreStudio A Studio to be Knowned


The research focused on details makes every creation, sign, proposal, suggestion, innovation and reference simple, albeit sophisticated. A language inspired by a set of emotional alchemies made of unexpected choices, preservation, inventions, appreciation of prints, lights, lacquers and oxidations. An uncensored aesthetic where each item has its own power and expressive “raison d’être”, while representing a part of the ensemble as the protagonist.


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DimoreEstudio A Studio to be KnownedDIMORESTUDIO interprets memories and creates dreams.
DIMORESTUDIO crosses the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.


They also have the DIMOREGALLERY which is a home, a journey, an experience, a dialogue between past and present.


DimoreStudio A Studio to be Knowned


Every object selected or created by designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, has a story and an allure capturing the imagination in a way in which only art and design are able. Each room unveils a different emotion (joy, surprise, nostalgia) leading the visitor towards the discovery of elusive colors and precious materials, where the quest for form reveals the presence of objects and makes this journey unique and emotive.

Designed and produced by Emiliano and Britt, objects from far-away worlds live next to sculptural furniture.“Progetto Non Finito”: a series of seatings, tables, cabinets, bookcases and lamps is translated into contemporary language finding origins in the past as a source of inspiration.


DimoreEstudio A Studio to be Knowned


Corroded metal alternates with precious alloys, aged silver and oxidized brass; glossy lacquers blend with rough-finished fiberglass; textiles with a classical point-of-view are made contemporary by creative interpretation.


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