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Coveted 22nd Edition : Our Editors Letter

Coveted 22nd Edition : Our Editors Letter

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Despite the fact that the current state of the world is far from the perfect utopia that we all desire, CovetED has set out on a mission to seek for the best in the world, to explore and bring you the sense that “Life is Beautiful.” Our magazine goes for those beautiful nuances that will make you think “La Vita è Bella,” a play on the two primary topics for this edition: Milan and Luxury, employing a current, new, and better aesthetic.

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As we write our way through the difficult patch that is 2022, as we begin to (re)connect the precious gems of Milan and throughout Italy, the country becomes a European spotlight for the start of the summer, transforming it into the place to be and start. As Salone del Mobile returns, this edition of CovetED will include not only the trade show but also a Milan Special feature, in which we will delve further into the Italian luxury lifestyle and interview key thought leaders.

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As the world steadily opens its doors, why not join us on a tour to discover some of Europe’s most opulent hotels and restaurants, and begin arranging your deluxe vacations based on our experiences and recommendations? CovetED is ready to embrace this design and luxurious experience with you as Milan welcomes design fans from all over the world, eager to learn about new concept stores, staged window displays, vernissages, detour-worthy boutiques, designer meet-and-greets, and opulent events.

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