Chahan Minassian Interior Design profile
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Chahan Minassian Interior Design profile


As an interior designer, Chahan Minassian’s first concern is space. He will often redesign the interior spaces in a project to improve their circulation, or to create a desired atmosphere. He combines his talent as an interior designer and a creator of harmony with an appreciation of detail that lends his decors their signature “couture” effect.

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His interiors have a warm, voluptuous opulence. Chahan Minassian has a passion for sophisticated materials and precious fabrics.

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He loves bronze, galuchat, python, lacquer and tortoiseshell, stone, contrasting this richness with the rigorous lines of his furniture and restrained colour choices. The palette is often of extreme subtlety: ivory, cream or beige, taupe, putty, bronze, with occasionally just a touch of blue or aubergine.

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This combination of decorative ingredients, sublimated by lighting to which Chahan always devotes particular care, gives his mises en scène their character of timeless calm. He frequently selects furniture designed by American designers between the 1930s and the 1960s, placing it in a completely contemporary ambiance to form a new aesthetic.

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Over the years, Chahan Minassian has signed striking projects throughout the world: private residences, stores and head offices, apartments in London, hôtels particuliers in Paris, showrooms in New York, country houses in Quebec, villas in Mustique or Los Angeles and luxury stores in Tokyo…

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These designs constitute perfect examples of his style with their fine materials, timeless lines and faultless finishing. A bronze daybed, armchairs covered in python, lamps in gypsum, a coffee table in parchment, screens and curtains in eel skin… Each item is of course handmade and individually numbered, guaranteeing that it is an authentic collector’s piece.