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Brown Design Group – Residential and Commercial Design

Established in 1998, Brown Design Group is one of California’s leading residential and commercial interior design firms with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

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Their Passion for creating stylish, organic and contemporary spaces is matched by the efficiency and creativity that they bring to every project. Through a combination of modern and rustic elements, and clean lines, Brown Design Group embodies twenty-first century California living in a way that rejuvenates and inspires.

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To meet the highest standards of their discerning clients, they state that they design custom furnishings, amenities and fixtures, source from within the industry and even travel abroad to Europe and South America to scour for unique elements and furniture. Their experience with full-scale building and design sets them apart from other designers.

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They pride themselves on being well versed with an array of design principles that the architecture and the project may demand.

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Ryan Brown

The founder of Brown Design Group, Ryan, has a lifetime of experience in construction, design, furniture, real estate and development.

Ryan’s commitment to the authenticity of an environment and its architecture leaves a lasting mark, while his daring eclecticism always creates warm and approachable spaces. Living and travelling abroad have influenced his design decisions, and inform the sources and inspirations from which he draws.

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As a well-known real estate developer, Ryan also starred on Bravo’s Flipping Out series, demonstrating his great capacity to manage even the most challenging of design situations. Helping people understand the role and importance of design has become one of Ryan’s passions.

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