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Best Interior Designers

Best Interiors Designers: Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain is considered as one of the most experienced interiors designers in the State of Florida. Her knowledge and expertise has made her a well known professional across the region.

contemporary-bathroom Ashton

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wake Forest University in 1986 and Master’s Degree in Interior Designer from the acclaimed University of Florida in 2007. As part of her program, Sarah studied design at the Vicenza Institute of Architecture in Vicenza, Italy.


She is a former adjunct in the Interior Design Department in Florida and Director of Professional Development for the North Florida at the ASID.


Sarah experience is wide range, includes residential and commercial design projects, renovation, construction, bar/nightclub, model & parade homes and we can see her delicate touch on each projects.

contemporary-living-room montclair

Her works at The Madrid and The Montclair Residence was marvelous, very equilibrated and luscious, those projects reflects her technique, her enthusiasm and creativity to solve every situation required by her clients.

transitional-the madrid

Undoubtedly, Sarah Cain is one of the examples to follow across the young career of an interior designer, every place, every piece of furniture, every lamp, every palette of colors is well executed to build an unique environment.