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Best Interior Designers, North America

Best Interior Designers From United States | Freeman Architects

Best Interior Designers From United States | Freeman Architects

Best Interior Designers From United States | Freeman Architects is here ! At Freeman Architects, they think that the highest degree of performance is produced through a collaborative environment and a team-based approach to design. Meeting customer needs, pledging to maintain professional ethics, and putting an emphasis on motivating results are the keys to every success for them.

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Best Interior Designers From United States | Freeman Architects

The goals of Freeman Architects include quality, innovation, and customer service. Architecture has more to do with style. They offer reliable, environmentally friendly design solutions that are also aesthetically beautiful and functional. Sensitivity is necessary for creative architecture. Each of their projects develops an own personality that is influenced by the customer, codes, setting, and goal. The collaboration of clients, contractors, and architects who comprehend and communicate with one another with respect and trust produces the best designs.

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Freeman Fong has been an architect for over 35 years. His experience encompasses commercial, governmental and residential projects. Freeman is a creative designer who welcomes the challenge of difficult design restrictions. He has expertise in budgeting, programming, scheduling, contract document preparation and construction administration.


Freeman maintains open, active communication between all participants, believing that this is essential to the success of every project. He creates client, corporate and agency confidence on complex projects with his organizational and management skills. His wide-ranging experience and creative approach make him open to unconventional, unexpected design solutions. His broad project management experience enables him to work well with diverse people and groups.

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To ensure that sustainability is included into every one of their projects, Freeman Architects is dedicated to altering the way we conduct business. Sustainability is more than just obtaining USGBC certification for projects; it’s also a way of thinking about using effective materials and systems that have a minimal negative impact on the built environment without impairing vital functions.
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