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Best Interior Designers* Teresa Sapey

Room Mate Hotels Pau Barcelona

Room Mate Hotels are characterized for providing its hotels with personality; in this case, Pau has been the chosen one for the second hotel in Barcelona: a passionate, charming, perfectionist man. Pau is an acclaimed chef, owner of a famous restaurant in Barceloneta.  This character’s passion for cooking is taken as the project’s generating idea and is reflected in all the spaces, from the intimacy of the shower up to the interior courts.

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A sophisticated Pau’s image surprises us as we get to the hotel. A gentleman, who welcomes and invites us in.

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The floor of the corridors of each floor is treated in a different way. Different colors carpet strips are used in order the visitor to understand the transition from one space to another space.

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The two side yards are characterized for the use of printed canvas which can be seen through the windows, generating an illusion sensation, like if there were people really cooking. This way, the viewer becomes a voyeur that, from his room, looks to the other windows trying to understand what is happening in the kitchens, in the Pau’s spaces.

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All the rooms furniture has been designed by Estudio Teresa Sapey and is custom-made as a man’s suit.

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The suite’s terraces have a very special railing that allows the contact with the city that is hosting, enriching and feeding us with its culture and its gastronomy.

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