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Best Interior Designers, Middle East

Best Interior Designers From Saudi Arabia | Majed Harasani Architects

Best Interior Designers From Saudi Arabia | Majed Harasani Architects

Best Interior Designers From Saudi Arabia | Majed Harasani Architects is here ! A Majed Harasani design is a model of excellence that is unmatched in the field. Architecture is the result of an inventive mind, a desire for excellence, and a love of the trade. They will work closely with you to create an architect-client connection as a partner. Being a real boutique business, they only take a small number of commissions every year. This allows them to give your vision the consideration, consideration, and attention it merits.

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Best Interior Designers From Saudi Arabia | Majed Harasani Architects

Majed Harasani was raised in a home where architecture was a way of life, and he has since developed a reputation in the high-end market. Majed developed his skills while studying in London and New York, bringing an instinctive awareness of the spirit of design, power of materials, and significance of the process. He has worked with numerous internationally acclaimed architects throughout the years, including Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Perkins & Will. Strong bonds are ingrained in our DNA. Majed leading the charge so makes sense. He places you at the center of important decisions before successfully managing, sourcing, and pushing the delivery of your project, bringing out the best in the final design.

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Our innovative ideas, tried-and-true delivery strategies, and love of small details have attracted commissions since the beginning. Our specialized studio will immediately get a thorough grasp of the potential of your project. We naturally anticipate giving you our best work. Majed therefore carefully monitors each job we undertake. Majed Harasanis can now be found not only in Saudi Arabia but even elsewhere.

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Since the very beginning, commissions have been attracted by our daring ideas, tried-and-true delivery techniques, and love of minute details. A thorough grasp of the possibilities of your project will be swiftly attained by our specialized studio. We are obligated to give you our best work by nature. Majed carefully monitors each job we do for this reason. Majed Harasanis can now be found all across Saudi Arabia and elsewhere for this reason as well.

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Characters with outstanding taste have hired our staff for their skills. Our clients, who range from top businessmen to members of the government, have assisted us in building a portfolio that includes a wide range of great homes. We are mostly active in the Middle East and have built anything from exquisite mansions to five-star luxury hotels. These projects demonstrate our skills, expertise, experience, and passion for excellent design when taken as a whole.

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Pietra Square Nero Marquina Dining Table shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura and finest Nero Marquina black marble. Reminding the renaissance era, its square top gently lies in one robust marble column, conceived from a solid block hand-sculpted and turned to create different details for additional texture.


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Magna Suspension Lamp, by Luxxu, was inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty and elevation of mountains. This ornamental lighting design highlights three unique fixtures with a trapezium-like form. A sleek material like crystal white was used to offer a conspicuous snow-like display to each composition as well as details of rocky surfaces. The glossy outer frames are highlighted in brass. Magna’s pendular structure will offer interest and drama to any style of interior.