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Best Interior Designers In North America Part VI

1. A De Arquitectos, Mexico

This architectural design and interior design studio is based in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon (Mexico) and provides exceptional services throughout the Monterrey metropolitan area, the rest of the Mexican Republic, and the United States of America. Their main goal is to create spaces that complement both the architectural and interior aspects.

2. ADH Fine Hardware, Canada

ADH Fine Hardware (a division of Citywide Locksmiths, Ltd.) is a leader in high-quality door and cabinet hardware, founded in Toronto in 1986 by the Shearer family. For over three decades, interior designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners have entrusted their luxury residential projects to the ADH expert team. They were recently proud to open their brand new Montreal Studio, where Matt and Melissa look forward to working with their clients on their next projects.

3. Ann Mastronardi, Canad

Ann Mastronardi, the owner of Ann Mastronardi Interior Design in Leamington, Ontario, believes that it is important in life to do what you love and go where your soul calls you; for her, this is interior design. Her inspiration for interior design came from the construction of two of her own homes. She has completed many stunning projects and built an incredible clientele in her 15 years in the business.

4. Atelier Europa, Mexico

Atelier Europa is dedicated to creating fantastic designs. They are fascinated by art history and how historical events have influenced their aesthetics. They collect and share authentic pieces in order to create exceptional spaces. To pervade in the memory and emotions of their inhabitants, their designs must transcend artistic and functional aspects. They believe in trends that speak to the spirit of our time as well as the unique personality of their customers.


Koi II Dining Table


5. Burdifilek, Canada

Burdifilek is an international boutique commercial interior design firm. The design philosophy of Burdifilek embraces sophistication and creative intelligence. A wide range of national and international projects with brand-strategic, expressive, meticulously curated interiors demonstrate the firm’s distinct design identity. The Burdifilek design team, creators of a distinct international style, collaborates to transcend trends by fluidly blending a distinct design vision with trademark elegance and polish.

6. Casa Di Luce, Canada

Casa Di Luce is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in customer service, design, and lighting. Following a successful furniture and design business in Europe, the family eventually settled in Canada and has since established itself as a leading supplier of European lighting for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects across the country.

7. Curated Home by Chrissy & Co, Canada

Christina Co, the founder of Curated Home, has a passion for interior design that extends beyond creating visually stunning homes. It is about improving the quality of life for those who live in the space. According to Christina, when done well, design transcends mere aesthetics and becomes an art form that nurtures the very essence of the people who occupy the space. It is about designing bedrooms that promote self-assurance and deeper connections, kitchens that awaken the culinary artist within each of us, and dining rooms that bring out the conversationalist in each of us. These spaces are transformative, assisting us in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

8. Douglas Design Studio, Canad

Douglas Design Studio, founded in 1995 by Jeffrey A. Douglas, focuses on creating interior designs that fully reflect the client’s style and desires. The studio’s philosophy is that each home should reflect who the owners are, so the designers bring infinite creativity, energy, and order to the project, ensuring that all of the client’s dreams are realized. Douglas Design Studio, with its sleek and elegant contemporary design style, aims to exceed all of its clients’ design expectations.

9. EuroFab, Canada

EuroFab’s origins can be traced back to 1998 when it first opened its doors as a fabric shop on Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West. And, believe it or not, they’re still there after all this time. Although times and products have changed, the commitment to quality products and excellent service has not.

10. Ferris Rafauli Design, Canada

Ferris Rafauli’s name immediately conjures up images of iconic designs in the most notable and luxurious homes. He specializes in ultra-luxury homes and lifestyle creations, incorporating timeless architecture and sumptuous interior designs into each project, personalizing designs that result in ultimate luxury living. Each dwelling Ferris Rafauli designs becomes its own complete harmonious work of art, from the exterior architecture to the interiors to the furniture to the site landscaping.


Collins Bar Chair


11. Fleur De Lis Interior Design, Canada

Fleur De Lis Interior Design was founded in 1989 with the goal of creating innovative and forward-thinking interiors. By presenting modern design, using simple playful forms, and selecting a well-balanced mix of materials, the firm has established a strong presence in the residential market. Fleur De Lis Interior Design modern contemporary interior design is always based on creating interiors that balance the client’s tastes and personalities with the creative use of materials in timeless yet innovative designs.

12. GIRDOM, Mexico

GIRDOM opens its doors in 1996 to provide a comprehensive range of interior design and decorating services, focusing primarily on residential spaces. Quality, elegance, and personalized service have defined Girdom over the course of 25 years of experience developing a wide range of national and international projects.

13. Gloria Cortina, Mexico

Gloria Cortina creates fully realized architectural interiors that express ideas and emotions inspired by modernity and myth – “a search for harmony and beauty that can be found in conscious and unconscious imaginings.” Her curation and artistic collaborations transcend the traditional boundaries of interior design, which she works from bases in New York and Mexico City. “It’s like a dance, a series of movements”, Gloria explains, “a weaving together of a complete three-dimensional experience by giving and receiving ideas with my clients”.


Sugar Rug


14. Homes By Jojo, Canada

Homes By Jojo is a design firm based in Canada. A brand that successfully combines contemporary and traditional design trends in a single project. Over the last ten years, this Canadian company has collaborated on over 40 projects. Joanna Pietras is the extraordinary firm’s head designer, with the goal of reflecting her design passion with each client’s vision.

15. Kiché, Mexico

Kiché is a Mexican interior design firm with over 9 years of experience in architecture and interior design. In their projects, they strive to create functional spaces that convey an equilibrated environment in which their clients can enjoy themselves while also feeling recognized. Each project is unique because it responds to the specific needs of each user with the goal of reflecting their personality in a creative way through design. Their main motivation is to see the transformation of their client’s lives through Interior Design.

16. Legorreta Sepúlveda Arquitectos, Mexico

Legorreta Sepúlveda Arquitectos brings together design experiences. Architectures that are one-of-a-kind, functional structures, solid constructions, optimal materials, interiors that transform into exteriors, bespoke furniture, and landscapes that interact with the environment are all possible.

17. Lemay + Escobar, Canada

Lemay + Escobar’s process revolves around people and is dedicated to the inspired creation of new and stunning designs. Their work is based on developing a close relationship with you and an intimate understanding of your goals in order to elevate them with the team’s diverse talents. As a result, you’ve created an extraordinary space that embodies your values and identity. Lemay + Escobar instills passion in its clients and crystallizes ideas into statement-making environments. The spaces they design are an expression of who you are and how you choose to live, from the grandest gestures to the most delicate details.

18. LightForm Canada Inc., Canada

Richard Assaly founded LightForm in 1997, bringing to Edmonton, Alberta, a select few well-made and well-designed lighting brands. Raised in a family of interior designers, architects, and builders, he understood early on that lighting not only reflects but also defines the spaces it inhabits. This prompted him to seek long-term collaborations with lighting manufacturers who were exemplary producers – those who led the industry in craftsmanship as well as design innovation.


Cassia Modular Sofa


19. Lois Macaulay Design, Canada

Lois Macaulay Design is a registered company that provides residential design services to clients all over the world. Lois received two Presidential Citations for contributions to the profession as a former board member of ASID New York Upstate/Canada East. She holds degrees in art (Basel) and design (Boston) and has received numerous corporate and government art grants.


White Garden Rug


20. Lori Morris, Canada

Lori Morris is the creative force behind the House of LMD, a well-known and spectacular design studio that has been shaking up the North American design scene since 1987. The House of LMD, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has created some incredible design projects around the world over the last few decades. Lori’s designs exemplify luxury and glamour, leaving us beautifully satisfied but always wanting more. People are obsessed with her seductive sophistication and avant-garde edge.

21. Lux Populi, Mexico

Lux Populi takes pride in deliverable, fully documented designs, despite its foundation in high-level design theory. Lux Populi’s design and documentation are unrivaled in their rigor. It is founded on craft discipline and is influenced by the work they do over long distances – a level of design and documentation communication that allows a construction team to deliver projects solely on the documents provided.

22. Mariangel Coghlan, Mexico

Mariangel Coghlan is a Mexican design firm that focuses on reinventing spaces and creating one-of-a-kind experiences. They are a team of experts who are passionate about space transformation. They love and enjoy what they do, and they are very proud of the bond they share. They believe in the value of staying current and learning new things on a daily basis, which is why they consider themselves fortunate to be creative.

23. MarqCó, Mexico

MarqCó was established in 1997 with the explicit goal of providing innovative and high-quality interior design. Promoting the concept of space from the beginning by providing integrated design and advice. Marqcó has strived to be associated with quality, taste, and innovation since his first interior design project. Designing and selling furniture, accessories, complements, decorative objects, and lighting as part of large projects.

24. Mobilart, Mexico

Mobilart is a team of experts in everything from architectural design to interior design and construction. Grupo Mobilart was founded in 1976 and has since been a pioneer in Mexican interior design, focusing on a turnkey approach, corporate specialization, and modular office design.

25. Olga Hanono, Mexico

Olga Hanono is a Mexican-born designer who grew up in a traditional cultural setting and has a strong interest in aesthetics, beautiful objects, and space. Her charismatic and playful personality shines through in her original designs, which are free of rules and constraints. She turns every room into an unusual adventure.

26. Piso 18, Mexico

Piso 18 is a Mexican company that is a global leader in interior design and residential equipment projects, as well as commercial and resort projects, with a wide range of high-quality products.

27. Raw Development & Properties, Canada

RAAW Design‘s signature interiors are a collection of boutique residential development projects. RAAW Development upholds its design visions in each and every home they deliver, with superior interior architecture unlike any other in the Vancouver new housing market.


Sequoia Center Table


28. Raphael Gomes Interiors, Canada

Raphael Gomes Interiors is a highly experienced interior design firm based in Toronto and the surrounding areas. They are a dynamic company with a strong vision and a strong commitment to excellence and quality work. They take pride in creating exquisite high-end custom homes and boutique commercial spaces for discerning clients.

29. Studio Munge, Canada

Studio Munge is the latest iteration of Alessandro Munge’s 20-year career creating extraordinary interiors. Studio Munge has cultivated award-winning projects based on collaborations with the world’s preeminent hotel and restaurant groups, development companies, and top chefs, all with the goal of creating an unforgettable design.


Panna Dining Chair


30. Yabu Pushelberg, Canada

Yabu Pushelberg is a great design studio to work with, with popular design studios in New York and Toronto. Yabu Pushelberg was founded in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg. Its success can be attributed to the founders’ creativity and organization, which they shared with their collaborators over the years. The studio is divided into six teams comprised of luxury design and project management professionals.