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Best Interior Designers: Karsten Schmid-Hoensdorf (IDA 14)



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Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf was born in Munich in 1956. He studied history and political science in Toulouse and Munich before he turned to architecture. During his study of architecture, he was able to gain experience as the leading interior architect at a Zurich architectural office in implementing major projects. In 1993 he established his own architectural office with an emphasis on interior architecture and design. The focus in the industry is in gastronomy/the hotel business and in the art and culture area. Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf also works as a consultant in addition to implementing his own projects.




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IDA14 by Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf has branch offices and associated design teams and specialists in different countries as Poland, Singapore, Dubai and UK.

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Hospitality and branding count among the evident strengths of the Architecture office IDA14 in Zurich. There, the focus is on the development of extensive, innovative room concepts with high recognition value and strong individuality. Just as much attention is paid to the requirements of use as to the design details. Another core competency is the design of shop-in-shop projects and international trade fair stand projects, which require a high degree of recognition while at the same time keeping the program flexible. IDA14 also designs and offers advice on arts and culture projects. Refurbished private houses and apartments are also a part of the portfolio.

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