Best Interior Designers | James Andrew
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | James Andrew

James Andrew is a one of the most inspirational interior designers from New York. He is not only an expert in his field that creates exceptional spaces but he also writes a blog, “What is James wearing?”, about fashion, design and luxury lifestyle.

Born to a Cuban mother and an English father, James had an anglophile influence from the very beginning, and that has clearly carried to the present in a very positive way. Growing up in Providence, Rhode Island he has always been fascinated by style, fashion, interiors, architecture, art, and how people lived. As a child he could not wait to devour the latest GQ, his mother’s abandoned issues of Vogue, books and iconic films. He dreamt of a very different way of life – where people travelled the world, wore amazing clothes, lived in beautiful homes and had fabulous parties. It’s not surprising that he became an interior designer!




In high school, once he started earning his own money, he became obsessed with clothes. That obsession has evolved quite a bit. In his younger days, he looked to clothes to make him feel better about himself. Now he views clothing as an opportunity to express his individuality, and to celebrate who he is. In the teenage era, he also started being interested in the architecture and design and learned to appreciate its beauty.  One day in 1977, he stumbled upon his mother’s Vogue in which interior designers Albert Hadley and his partner “Sister” Parish had decorated Ann & Gordon Getty‘s house. Right then and there he knew that he wanted to be in interior design one day.

James Andrew, like so many people before him, chose to pursue a secure and stable career in banking and commodities trading instead of following his passion for interiors. That decision made him unsatisfied with his life. Fortunately, he was brave enough to quit and try to pursue his dreams. He started to work for Ralph Lauren’s Home Collection where he was doing well and enjoyed his work. In 1998, he accepted an offer to join his childhood idol Albert Hadley in the legendary Parish-Hadley firm in New York. After the company dissolved, just a year later, he decided to start his own business and created James Andrew Interior Design.



His apartment was featured in one of the most important home and décor magazines, Elle Décor, as well as in other interior design publications. James Andrew’s style is unique, influenced by many classical elements, and yet interpreted in his very own and specific way that results in exclusive, fashionable and special spaces.


When it comes to fashion, he makes a point every day to put together complete looks that are both fashionable, and classic. He loves a mixture of old school and fashion, trying to keep a vibe that is young, sexy, and fresh – always appropriate for where and what he is doing. He usually lean toward being a bit more dressed up – elegant, without being overly formal. He also likes to challenge staid ideas regarding menswear, pushing the boundaries a bit beyond what is traditionally considered “masculine.”

There is no doubt that James Andrew stands out from the crowd, not only because of his colourful, yet elegant personal style, but also thanks to his work in interior design. He is a great example to learn from!