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Best Interior Designers: Herbert Bruhin

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Herbert Bruhin opened his architectural practice in 1997. His main areas of activity are planning and realizing private and public buildings as well as competitions. A major focus lies on interior design and the change of scale associated with it. Exploring materials and colors is a central concern, manifested in the scope of activity ranging from furniture to façade design. The company occupies a network of associates, building a well-versed team of specialists and planners from different fields. Their contributions are seen as an integral part of the architectural concept.

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He was born in 1969 in Richterswil. He received his formal education at Christ Kõnig Kollegium Nuolen. He attended the Swiss federal institute of Technology Zürich and received his degree in Architecture in 1997. He works in collaboration with different architectural practices on a project basis. Since 2007, he is working as an Art Director for the Wogg company and is responsible for the visual performance as well as for the consulting in the consulting in the product development.

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