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Best Interior Designers, Europe

Best Interior Designers From Europe | Get Inspired By European Designers

Best Interior Designers From Europe are here! From Italy to United Kingdom, and everywhere in between, we have searched high and low to bring you the most innovative and talented designers in the industry. In this edition, we showcase the crème de la crème of the interior design scene in Europe, highlighting their unique styles, their impressive portfolios, and their exceptional talent. Discover the most creative minds with our list of the best interior designers in Europe!

Best Interior Designers From Europe


Architecture has been their great interest since early childhood and through study and work it has developed into a passion and strong commitment to designing different spaces, from work to recreational environments. Their goal is to create functional, but also beautiful spaces based on the specific needs and wishes of the client.

Arredaesse srl.

The Italian business Arredaesse, owned by Vittorio Molteni, specializes in the architectural planning and interior design of high-end projects for affluent clients abroad. The challenging task of coordinating and carrying out projects for the specialized luxury market—creating furnishings, pricey furniture, and decorations on a “turnkey” basis—is handled by Arredaesse. As a result, Arredaesse has established itself as a leader in a wide range of projects, including hotels, offices, private or public buildings and villas, as well as stores, restaurants, bars, banks, and fitness facilities.

Atelier Susana Camelo – SimetriaFeliz lda

Each project mirrors the universe of those who inhabit itAesthete by nature, the artistic and creative trait was apparent since childhood. She had an early professional start in the creativity sphere with the family businesses, within the importation of decoration objects from the East and Europe. Aesthete by nature, the artistic and creative trait was apparent since childhood. She had an early professional start in the creativity sphere with the family businesses, within the importation of decoration objects from the East and Europe.

Blackshaw Interior Design

At Blackshaw, they aim to deliver elegant and functional designs that are customized for a comfortable modern day lifestyle. They create unique environments, featuring bespoke design elements that are tailored to your personal taste and needs.Their ethos “Design for Living” encompasses their user-centered design focus: they put theirr clients’ desired lifestyle at the forefront of each project and design spaces that facilitate the clients’ well-being.


Coccolarvi was born from the motivation to create “design”, the key to their success is the illusion of facing new challenges. The idea of ​​starting with Coccolarvi arose from the idea of wanting to set limits and dare to break the rules, to offer design and exclusivity, where each work had to have its own unique and unmistakable personality. The team is made up of Jose Alonso, an industrial designer, and Belén Crespo, an interior designer.

Dark Design S.r.o

Brno, Czech Republic, who designs private and commercial interior spaces, including realizations. Mainly focused on luxury, modern, innovative, and timeless solutions. He is pride on quality visualizations so that you can visualize your future interior as best as possible. You know, there comes a time when you want to build your own paradise to live in and you throw yourself into planning. But then comes a bunch of unknowns. Where to start? Where to find quality craftsmen? How to maximize the functionality of the space?

Dentro Le Mura

The company Dentro le Mura specializes in making furniture and jewelry items. Customers from all around the world have had great success with the high-tech opening systems, outfitted with the highest safety standards, the lighting systems designed to maximize the brilliance of jewels and precious stones, and the unique showcases for jewels.


Rome has always been the home of Design 2000. Everything they do is motivated by their passion for this special city, its history, and its rich architectural culture. They are surrounded by the most astounding structures in Rome. They are continually surrounded by the great architectural flowering that occurred during the Renaissance era, and their built legacy dates back to the time when this was the center of an international empire.

Design & Emotions

Alena Babok established her own studio in Prague in 2018, and in 2020 she makes the decision to open a new door by “jumping the Mediterranean” in order to make Marbella her permanent home. Her studio continues to be defined by her never-ending effort and her ability to design unique, elegant, and personalized places for each of her clients. Alena and her crew like and welcome the challenges that each day brings.

Domos Design

Domos design studio is a joint project of Alena Chekalina and Anna Karicheva. The studio was founded in 2008 and is engaged in the design and turnkey implementation of private and public interiors of the elite segment. To date, the designers of the studio have created more than three hundred design projects


An interior design studio with over 13 years of experience. They create space for private, commercial and public utility clients, they cooperate with proven constructions team so that their projects are comprehensively implemented.

Fischer&Partner Lightdesign

Since 1991 they have been developing tailor-made lighting concepts in the areas of architecture, monument protection, museums, trade fairs, events, film, opera and theatre. The development and production of special lamps, lamp families and highly complex lighting controls is the basis for the implementation of our ideas for light and space in many projects.

Fontana Ltd.

Bringing together the creative, technical and artistic abilities of their directors Dennis Fontana and Michael Gianquitto. Ten years of collaboration with their clients and network of artisans and craftspeople. Ten years of helping their clients to realise their dreams and visions for their homes. Ten years of unparalleled creative design.

Graziela Madeira Design Decor de Interiores

The design of this project was conceptualized in open space but in order to create a welcoming environment with depth. The division of space is made through the use of mirrors and key pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics. The client intended a living area that allied comfort to sophistication and in that context, priority was given to the curation of icon pieces of contemporary design, from which stands out a Hans Wegner chair.

Hill House Interiors

Their impressive array of award-winning projects across the world is all inspired by the studio’s co-founders, Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves, who for over twenty years have challenged the way interiors and product design are perceived and practised. They lead by example, personally and passionately involved in every project, inspiring each other and the talented design team to create exceptional interiors that surpass client expectations.


Ekaterina Kazmazovskaja is the founder of the interior design studio IDizainas – for 20 years they have been offering a wide range of services – they create and realise an idea. By creating both public and private projects, the studio’s employees have gained high qualifications and valuable experience. Today, their projects are characterised by affordable prices and fast, high-quality work.

Išmanus interjeras

Their uniqueness is more than 15 years of experience working in the field of interior design and furniture production. They are a team that has many years of work experience and professional competence successfully carrying out activities in Lithuania and other European countries. They don’t just design or draw beautiful pictures – they know well all interior scenarios and furniture design principles and create the best concept for your home.

KCA International

In December 1988 Khuan Chew founded her own design practice in London after several years as Creative Director for David Hicks International (UK) and working with DKA (Dale Keller and Associates) in New York, London and Hong Kong. She is humbled by the various iconic buildings she/her studio has been appointed globally. A global design firm, KCA International has been at the forefront of luxury hospitality design for more than three decades, having designed some of the world’s most iconic hotels and hospitality destinations.

Kris Turnbull Ltd

They pride themselves on their collaborative & intuitive approach acting as a trusted consultant to create thoughtful luxurious spaces, that will be treasured for years to come. Their stylish projects provide a bespoke turnkey service, reflecting their extensive experience in creating luxurious & liveable spaces for national & international private clients, residential developers and boutique hoteliers.

Leea’s Room

The story behind Leea’s room starts from the design of my daughter’s bedroom, Leea. When it came the time to design her bedroom, “I wanted to create a space for imagination, that would encourage her to dream and live her fantasy, that would be both functional, intriguing and interactive. As I could not find an option that would suit my taste, I decided to embark on this project. Along with the experience as an architect and as a mother and a team of talented and motivated people, Leea’s dream room became a reality. As the project began to take shape, I decided to embrace the idea of designing children’s rooms in order to bring every child a fantasy world where he could sleep, play and grow and so Leea’s Room was brought to life.”

Lighting Design London

They provide impartial advice on the most appropriate lighting products & controls to use in every project, allowing us to adapt our approach for different styles, cost models and requirements. They source architectural and decorative lights from a vast range of manufacturers Globally.

Mai Saad Interiors

They’re a “Full Service” interior design, styling and contracting firm located in Cairo that focuses on designing efficient and sustainable luxury spaces. They are a team of leaders from different verticals (design, architecture, project management and engineering) that work in unison to create and construct beautiful bespoke experiences for their clients. Mai Saad, founder of MS Interiors has over 15 years of experience in interior design and home styling.


Their 25 year heritage has seen them create a variety of property and hospitality throughout London, in Europe, America and the Far East connected by a common thread of creative flair and impeccable delivery. They never create for creation’s sake. Their approach is to first deconstruct and then to reassemble. From the outset of the initial brief, they break down all the influences and ambitions of a project and piece them back together.

PLS Design

PLS DESIGN was born in 2002 from the collaboration of architects Lino Losanno and Lorenzo Perini. Lino Losanno graduated from the University of Naples in 1991 and continued his studies at the Écoles d’Art Américaines in Fontainebleau and at the Pratt Institute in New York where he lived for a few years and collaborated with various architecture and interior design studios. Lorenzo Perini graduated in 1992 from the University of Florence. Subsequently he moved to London where he collaborated with the architect Nigel Coates.

Privilege Design

During its work, the Privilege design studio has implemented many projects. Among them are a business class lounge at Pulkovo airport, the Kyoto restaurant and the world conference “Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century”. The team of the design studio consists of designers, architects, builders with many years of experience and professional awards. The founder and head of the company, Elena Konovalova, is a certified specialist in interior design and restoration of antiques, a laureate of prestigious competitions and awards. Together we create thoughtful projects to the smallest detail.

Residence Design

Residence Design is a design bureau for the design and creation of interiors for apartments, offices and private houses. They will help you decide on the style and color scheme of your interior. They will select and help to purchase furniture and lighting, develop textile window decoration and decorate rooms with accessories . They will plan the space of your home in a comfortable way for life.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo for Kids

They offer for private residences, yachts, luxury offices and private aircraft like, interior design proposals and quotations, layout proposals, supply of furniture, lighting, tableware, accessories, in-house production of curtains, cushions & upholstery, in-house production of custom bed & bath linen, in-house production of custom furniture pieces.


They are an award-winning architectural and interior design company renowned for your commitment to design excellence and innovation offering comprehensive services in architecture, interiors, 3D visualisation, bespoke furniture design and project management. They create spaces that provoke emotions. They love your work and are passionate about every project they undertake.




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