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Best Interior Designers * AndArchitects

AndArchitects is a South West London based practice. They pride themselves on building strong client relationships, which have resulted in the organic growth of the company since 1998.

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Their diverse portfolio includes projects in the sport, leisure, retail, residential and commercial sectors.  Their clients include Premiership football clubs, rugby clubs, international banks, hotel groups, local authorities, government bodies and private individuals. They see diversity as their strength, each project bringing to light new ideas which influence other schemes.

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AndArchitects has a design philosophy that favours simplicity and truth to materials.  They believe that despite the complexity of the construction process there should be no mystery to the client.  They aim to make their designs as clear and legible as possible. They do not come to a project with ready-made answers but seek to ask the right questions which will enable the Project to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations.

The Design Approach

They approach the design process by establishing a detailed understanding of the site environment, transport, infrastructure, ecology, biodiversity and natural resources. They believe that every site has specific requirements and opportunities which can be developed to maximise the value, sustainability and enjoyment of the site.

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Environmentally responsible building involves an awareness of the implications for the environment at every level of construction.  AndArchitects approaches the principles of Green Building as a key guide to sustainable construction; Reducing Energy in Use; Minimising External Pollution and Environmental Damage; Reducing Embodied Energy; and Resource Depletion and Minimising Internal Pollution and Damage to Health.

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AndArchitects comply with relevant environmental legislation including; Building Regulations – Key documents addressing energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reductions are Part L in England and Wales, including The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy rating.

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Town Planning Regulations – Including all Local Regulations governing environmental issues, set out in the NPPF. In addition, key guidance includes a Design Advice Pack, Planning for Passive Solar Design & Daylight Design in Architecture.

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