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50 Best Interior Designers In Africa

50 Best Interior Designers In Africa have arrived! Learn about these incredible companies that are changing the face of interior design in Africa and all over the world. This article features amazing interior design firms from Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa, being part of a collection of articles of interior designers from around the world, so be sure to check out the other articles!

1. 1987 Factory, Morocco

1987 Factory is an interior architecture, furniture design, and development works firm that supports its clients in interior projects from conception to completion. 1987 Factory works in the fields of interior architecture, furniture design, and development working together or separately according to the needs of their clients to provide the best solutions in terms of development and interior design.

2. A&P Interiors, Morocco

A&P Interiors has a presence in Morocco as well as internationally. The company brings a wealth of decorating experience to the table, making its expertise available to you to design the interior of a home. Their goal is to personalize it by renovating, embellishing, harmonizing, and making it more functional while catering to their client’s desires, tastes, needs, and budgets.
A&P Interiors will listen to their client’s needs and adapt their expertise to meet them, and they specialize in unique residential projects.

3. AB Cuisines, Morocco

AB Cuisines is at your disposal if you want to design your kitchen, bathrooms, saloons, dressing rooms, cupboard, office, door, tv cabinet, decorative furniture, layout, or if you need to optimize your interior spaces. Their imagination and creative spirit will satisfy you. AB Cuisines will accompany you during the project’s realization while allowing you to communicate with their experts in order to deliver your project to you, which will be imbued with your art of living, aspirations, and tastes. Finally, AB Cuisines, artisans and apprentices with over 15 years of experience and international success, commit to making dreams a reality.

4. Abou Samra Group, Egypt

The Abou Samra Group is one of Egypt’s most prestigious Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Design firms. Abou Samra Group is a market leader in the construction industry, with projects all over the country and in North Africa.

Mohamed Abou Samra, a young Egyptian architect, and designer, founded Abou Samra Design, a firm that specializes in both interior design and architecture. He decided to start his firm to apply his own ideas. ASD specializes in intricate and creative modern designs that result in high-quality residential projects for its clients. They have earned a reputation for excellence among their growing clientele for their impressive attention to detail and flawless color use.

5. Ahmed Hussein Designs, Egypt

50 Best Interior Designers In Africa. Ahmed Hussein Designs.

Ahmed Hussein Designs was founded in May 2008 and has since grown to become a successful Interior Design studio, working on high-end residential and commercial projects in Egypt as well as for international private clients. Their success stems from the dedication and experience of their talented team, which collaborates closely with clients from project conception to project completion, delivering exemplary service on time and within budget.

TACCA Center Table | BRABBU


6. Another Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Another Design is specialized in architecture and interior design, using both 2D and 3D plans, while also proving renovation and complete decoration of a project – residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality.

7. Artvitrage, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Since 1992, the company has used its 26 years of experience to solve the mysteries of metal and aluminum. Offering accomplishments that combine finesse and a sense of detail, aesthetics, and design. Artvitrage has managed to preserve its manufacturing methods and the talent required to best handle materials that contain many secrets, but which, once revealed, can reveal and give fruit to achievements that are as beautiful, refined, and elegant as they are surprising.

8. Atelier Kel, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Atelier Kel philosophy for all projects is to put the user at the center of all major proposal concepts, including architecture and interior design. Their excellence is achieved by keeping the client’s desires in balance with the context and natural environment in which the project will be done.

9. BAB Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

BAB Design has been responsible for the architecture, construction, decoration, gardens, and landscapes on the Bab Atlas domain in Marrakesh’s palm grove for over ten years. Each project is one-of-a-kind.

10. Badie Architects, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

When it comes to interior designers in Egypt, few can match Mohamed Badie’s reputation. In a country where interior design can feel repetitive and monotonous, he brings fresh, unique ideas. Badie Architects approaches each new project with the utmost professionalism and zeal.

Manuka Center Table | BRABBU


11. Bens Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Bens Design is a high-end interior design and project management firm that works with individuals, hotels, and luxury boutiques, as well as corporate privileged spaces. The international design team has a diverse range of artistic culture and decoration creations to help you create the perfect interior: style, atmosphere, color, furniture, technology, and decoration.

12. Blend Furniture, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Blend is an Egyptian public limited company founded in 2012 that began its journey in Nasr City, Cairo, with its first showroom. Following the opening of their second showroom in Heliopolis in 2015, and then their third branch in New Cairo in 2019.
Their showrooms serve as a source of inspiration, thanks to the comfort and timelessness of their products, with their strong design, expressed in harmony with the collection. Their goal is to create the ideal blend of furniture for each home while maintaining the highest design and quality standards. Original minimalistic contemporary designs with a unique sense of detail are all hallmarks of every Blend product.

13. Casa Living, South Africa

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Casa Living was founded in 2010, under the name Casa Blinds, as a Luxaflex Blinds Gallery Store, a European company specializing in window treatments, with the intention of becoming a full-service design and retail house. They first opened their doors in Morningside as the primary Luxaflex dealer in Durban, then moved two years later to Umhlanga Ridge, and six years later to their current showroom and offices on Meridian Drive, encompassing a wide range of products, brands, and skills.
Their company is built on passionate foundations in the design field. They are constantly evolving, re-evaluating, and creating a mindset that promotes innovation, creativity, and excellence.

14. Core Furniture Concepts PTY LTD, South Africa

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Core Furniture is the market’s leading direct importer of top European furniture brands in Southern Africa. Through their highly skilled design specialists who share their passion for sophisticated design, impeccable quality, and superior service, they serve both the trade and retail markets. Their team travels extensively to maintain strong long-term relationships with the brands they represent, as well as attend all of the premier international furniture shows to stay current on global design trends.

15. Cousi Interiorismo Y Eventos, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

After working together in an architecture firm, Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martin founded their own company in 2010: Cousi Interiorismo Y Eventos. Their designs are filled with personality and openness, as well as a constant evolution of ideas in which they explore and experiment with materials, textures, colors, and geometries, resulting in a sophisticated blend of contemporary and classic styles.

DAVIS Counter Stool | BRABBU


16. Creato Interiors, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

CREATO brings together the passion, creativity, and professionalism required for each project to run smoothly. CREATO’s dynamic approach aims to improve the individual by creating spaces that meet his expectations by bringing expertise and creativity.


17. Dar Design, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

DAR Design, founded in 2007 by Mohamed El Abagy and Ibrahim Gomaa, is an award-winning interior design firm with offices in Cairo and Dubai. They are well-known not only for their brilliant use of color but also for their material and furniture selection. They can combine textures and patterns, as well as furniture and spaces, to create beautiful environments that reflect the needs of their clients.

18. Design With Purpose, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Design With Purpose is a design and interior architecture firm that specializes in both technical and artistic mastery of construction trades. DWP works with you from the start of the project to the completion of the site. A team of interior architects, designers, colorists, and engineers collaborate with you to ensure the success of your project.

19. Egypto Group, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Egypto Group has been one of Egypt’s leading real estate and contracting firms since 1974. With its new projects and diverse locations, it has excelled in the Egyptian market. Egypto Group provides the highest quality and service to society’s upper crust, allowing them to consistently stand out with their expertise.

20. Eklego, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Eklego Design is a Cairo-based architecture, interior, and furniture design firm dedicated to providing clients with innovative, contemporary, and functional designs, as well as exceptional quality and service standards. Since its inception in 2000, it has grown to include a creative team of over 30 architects and designers. Eklego’s services include turn-key architectural design, interior and furniture design, and a growing retail presence that offers the Egyptian market unique and functional furniture and home accessories.
Over the course of his career, Eklego has designed over 200 projects in Egypt and the Middle East, ranging from private residences to restaurants, hotels, retail spaces, and commercial offices.

LURAY Center Table | BRABBU


21. Eleven Design Studio, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Eleven Design Studio provides discerning, quality-conscious clients seeking assistance in their design choices for their homes with residential and commercial interior design services throughout Egypt. Their services include interior design, styling, decorating renovation, refurbishment, and project management.

Work can range from one room to entire home renovation projects, all while staying within your budget.
At “Eleven” Interior Design, they take the time to listen to and understand their clients’ likes and needs in order to tailor each project specifically to them in terms of functionality as well as personal taste and preference.

Eleven Design Studio is known for their masterful use of texture, pattern, and color. They expertly combine the elements to create sophisticated and memorable interiors. They can make a vision a reality through their innovative ideas, experience, and knowledge.

22. Hany Saad, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Hany Saad Innovations has completed over 800 projects in Africa and the Middle East since 2003, including private residential villas, multi-use commercial projects, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, and ultra-luxurious residential compounds. Hany Saad Innovations (HSI) is responsible for some of Egypt’s most extraordinary interior design projects.

23. Home 7 Group, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

The Home 7 Groupe is a luxury design firm with three incredible showrooms in Casablanca’s iconic Triangle D’Or. They offer the best furniture, lighting, and material solutions from the world’s most prestigious luxury brands.

24. Identity Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Since 2009, Identity Design has been an established international design studio serving a global client base from its creative home in Casablanca, Morocco.
The accomplished studio has a notable rapport with industry leaders in the hospitality, corporate and luxury residential fields. Their multi-disciplinary team breathes creativity across a variety of projects under the creative leadership of Kanza Ben Cherif, earning the reputation of delivering exceptional design.

Identity Design Studio creates distinct innovative concepts with a visionary approach, distinguished by a culturally rich language and meticulous attention to detail.

25. JLA Studio Architecture, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

The Jamal Lamiri Alaoui Studio was founded in 1985 in Morocco by a group of architects, designers, and engineers and has been based in Abu Dhabi (UAE) since 2004. JLA specialises in project design for clients ranging from royal families and heads of state to individual private clients and master developers. Jamal Lamiri Alaoui, a French-educated and trained architect with international experience, founded the Studio.

PLUM Armchair | BRABBU


26. Karlson C&C Limited, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Karlson C & C Limited was founded in 2004 as an interior design consulting firm. They have energetic designers with professional experience in a variety of fields ranging from residential houses to real estate outlets.

27. Ludovic Petit, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

The creative approach of Ludovic Petit incorporates the client’s desires into his reasoning. He listens and guides in order to achieve harmony. Each site represents a new adventure and the creation of a distinct universe. The plot revolves around a variety of plans and desires. Following that are mood boards, sketches, drawings, samples, and color palettes. The exchange is imaginative.

28. Meraki Architects, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Meraki Architects is an architectural and interior design firm that offers a comprehensive range of design services. The company was founded in Cairo in 2006 and has come a long way since then, becoming one of the region’s best in the industry. Meraki Architects was founded by Marwa Reyad, who gathered a team of experienced and talented architects and designers around her, resulting in notable results.

Meraki Architects’ main strength is its ability to balance creativity, active collaboration, and foresight with a detailed, clearly structured approach to developing architectural projects and interior designs. This balance enables the company to create one-of-a-kind architectural layouts and interiors that bring people joy and comfort.

29. MB Architecture Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Mouna Bennani Architecture & Design, founded in 2014 and based in Casablanca, is a studio that creates living spaces by working closely with all project stakeholders. The agency operates in an agile mode, allowing its teams to work while maximizing the skills required for each aspect, whether architecture or design. This working flexibility allows for a quick understanding of issues, rapid execution, and the ability to consider each project as a whole.

30. Miro Architects, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Miro Architects is a Cairo-based architecture and interior design firm known for creating breathtaking environments for their clients. Miro Architects, according to our findings, is at the forefront of innovative design solutions.

BOHOL Modular Sofa | BRABBU


31. Mona Hussein Design House, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Mona Hussein is the driving force behind her design firms, Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH) & Mahally. In 1992, she opened the Temple of Light lighting showroom in Cairo’s World Trade Center. Mona founded -MHDH- Office in 1993, an award-winning medium-sized design firm with 50 employees and a design history of over 400 projects both locally and internationally. It is known throughout the region for providing comprehensive and individualistic design solutions for residences, offices, commercial spaces, hospitality, medical institutes, sales centres, retail spaces, exhibition booths, mock ups, and yachts that are channeled through an equilibrium between a cultural environment and a contemporary design.

Mona Hussein is a well-known name in the Egyptian interior design industry. She still has an insatiable desire to create distinctively beautiful and functional interiors.

32. Naira Omar, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Naira Omar, an architect and interior designer, believes that design is hidden in the details. She transforms her passion into a visual rhythm and incredible interiors that awe everyone. It’s no surprise that Naira Omar is an Instagram sensation thanks to her incredible design projects.

33. Oddny Design Studio, Egypt

50 Best Interior Designers In Africa. Oddny Design Studio.

Oddny Design Studio is one of Cairo’s recent companies that provides all-inclusive services such as design, furniture and fabric production, finishing, and shop-fitting.

34. Orange Atelier, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

A multidisciplinary group of over 32 people, including architects, decorators, coordinators, and managers. Everyone came together to create, organize, innovate, and think about projects. Orange Atelier is dedicated to its customers’ goals, responding to their needs with creativity, rigor, and logic.

35. Philippe Fluchaire, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Based in Morocco since 1989, Philippe Fluchaire continues the heritage of generations of people of taste and experts in innovation. From the Kingdom of Morocco to the private residences of New York, Paris or Marbella, for a closed circle of collectors, businessmen, heads of state and for big business, Philippe Fluchaire has made himself the reference, both nationally and internationally.



36. Plus 39 Italian Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

The Plus 39 Italian Design agency creates space by incorporating constraints, occupant desires, functionality, and strong aesthetic values. A new challenge: to become the Moroccan reference point for Made in Italy style and tastes. Six years later, they have completed over a thousand projects and have over 500 satisfied customers.

37. RM Design, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Raymond Morel is an interior designer and decorator. He exercises his creative talent and his expertise as a designer in Europe and Africa.
In 2006, he established his interior design firm in Guéliz, a well-known historic district. RM DESIGN has completed several interior decoration projects for well-known projects such as Bliss Point, as well as the luxury hotel César Marrakech, KUBE Paris, and St Tropez, well-known hotels in France, and RadissonBlue Brasov in Romania.

38. Said Berrada Architects, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Said Berrada’s ideas are distinguished by their purity and simplicity, as well as his keen sense of detail. Man must confront the confiscation of his vital space in the face of an increasingly terrifying architecture in which the virtual replaces the real. Despite this limitation, his work is distinguished by a broad reflection on the singularity of space, which serves as useful time support. The architectural project is more than just a physical entity; it is a place where wishes are granted. Two factors influence Said Berrada’s mind: aesthetics and ethics.

39. Signé Interior Inn, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Interior Inn, which was founded in 2002, specializes in woodworking and lamination and has been bringing surfaces to life since then. With a solid reputation for dependability and quality. Interior Inn, an industry pioneer in high-pressure laminates, stocks a wide range of internationally leading brands and is the sole agent representing Polyrey, the highest laminate quality in Europe. The Signé Furniture Group owns Interior Inn.

Signé is an experienced design firm that has shaped the furniture industry for the past two decades. They are the agent for the world’s top luxury furniture brands in Egypt and the Middle East. Signe also provides bespoke manufacturing services of the highest quality in the region.

40. SK Luxury, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

SK Luxury, located in Casablanca, Morocco, is the result of a passion, built with the dedication of an exceptional team committed to making dreams come true, as well as the most capable and talented architects and artisans who will accompany their clients throughout the duration of their projects to provide them with an unparalleled level of elegance.

STILETTO Bench | Maison Valentina


41. Soufiane Aissouni, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Soufiane Aissouni is an interior decorator and scenographer, who graduated from Marrakech’s international school Lasalle College. He began his professional career in Marrakech, where he managed the ephemeral decoration sector for weddings and private parties for one of the largest event agencies. With this experience, he joined an interior design company, which was developing the interior design sector and participating in the creation of projects for hotels, villas, and private apartments. Soufiane Aissouni is still active today, collaborating with fewer designers and signing projects ranging from furniture creation to the complete restructuring of private apartments and furniture.

42. Spaces / Architects Studio, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Spaces/ Architects is one of Egypt’s most prestigious Design Studios, specializing in interior design and architecture. Spaces/Architects creates lavish interiors with incredible ideas that have made the day of Cairo’s elite with amazing projects and great ideas.

43. Studio Bach, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Studio Bach is based in Marrakech and works on projects ranging from housing to commercial buildings and urban equipment at all stages of construction. Their expertise includes architecture, interior design, and consulting, as well as project management, execution, and monitoring of work.

44. Studio Five, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Studio Five was founded by a group of five designers who are passionate about tailoring their clients’ identities. Their expertise has also expanded beyond

to include Architecture and Consulting Services. They are based in Cairo, Egypt, and serve international markets through subsidiaries in Dubai and Houston, Texas.

They use their architectural passion and knowledge to provide luxurious design solutions that meet their client’s needs in an innovative way.

45. Sujimoto Construction LTD, Nigeria

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Sujimoto is a luxury real estate and construction firm dedicated to redefining the luxury real estate industry through transformative experiences delivered through intricately designed architecture.  Their services are geared towards those who have a refined taste for the finer things in life and appreciate opulence in its purest and most rare form.
From the foundation to the chandelier, they seek out the world’s most renowned thought leaders in architecture, art, and innovation to design the masterpieces they create. They are exclusively associated with bespoke and iconic structures, and they offer a lifestyle that only the Sujimoto brand can provide.


46. TK Designs, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Tarek Ma’amon and Karim Hosny, two passionate engineers, decided 14 years ago to take their expertise in the Egyptian market to a whole new level, to start a new charismatic, vibrant, and fresh interior design house that brings its customers a full set of new creative solutions, so they founded TK Designs.

They provide a group of designers and implementers in various related projects that involve transforming an interior space into a “ideal space with the best use of the spaces.” They bring imagination to life through a set of ideas that meet the clients’ needs in general.

47. Trabdesign, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Paola Trombetta ran her own practise in Milan from 2000 to 2009, designing and supervising the completion of various architectural projects ranging from the construction of villas to apartments and office catering facilities, shopping to cultural spaces. She also enjoys designing furniture and objects. She has been living and working in Marrakech since 2009, where she founded Trabdesign.

48. Urban Living, Nigeria

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Urban Living is a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke furniture. Store selling high-end furniture and accessories. Suppliers of made-to-measure curtains and roman blinds, as well as Venetian blinds and roller blinds. They do design and renovations.

49. Yachar Bouhaya Architect, Morocco

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Yachat Bouhaya Architect is dedicated to the definition and practise of architecture. It is not a matter of finding the same plastic for each context, but rather of favouring a method, an editorial line that precisely meets the expectations of each project.

50. Youmna ElTally, Egypt

TOP 50 African Interior Designers

Youmna ElTally is one of Egypt’s most prominent female designers. This amazing designer creates lavish design spaces that add a touch of luxury to any home. A fantastic designer with a long list of projects and, most importantly, a wide range of ideas.



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