Best Interior DesignerArent Pyke
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Best Interior Designer*Arent Pyke

Interior designers of exceptional technical and aesthetic expertise, the pairing of Arent&Pyke principals Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke is realised as responsive and emotionally layered interiors. Whether tearing down walls or building new ones, Arent&Pyke’s work is consistently hallmarked by a clear understanding of their clients’ needs, lifestyle and passions. The result is an exceptional portfolio of award winning projects.

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Working with clients directly or collaborating with architects from concept to completion of renovations and builds, Arent&Pyke compose beautifully realised interiors of finished details and decorated ambiance. Founded on the full cache of their shared technical expertise, Arent&Pyke collaborate with artisans, architects, artists and suppliers for an expanded knowledge base to facilitate your vision from planning, though project management to final decoration and styling.

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