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Kennedy Nolan was established in 1999 and has since developed a reputation as a design focused practice with a distinctive approach to built form. The practice is dedicated to the production of architecture that is highly responsive to its context and seeks to form a strong relationship with landscape.

Design at Kennedy Nolan is generated drawing on the optimistic precepts of modernism – rational, utilitarian, empowered by technology – and a positive view that the design and arrangement of spaces can support and reinforce relationships, can add piquancy and zest to life.

Less tangibly, the practice is also compelled to distil the impalpable – to draw on the reaches of memory, the evocative power of recognising form, colour, texture and light, the resonance of shared memories, of history and landscapes.

Kennedy Nolan Architects principally works on residential projects.

Hickford House:

Kennedy Nolan


Dark timber beams, white-painted brickwork and a block of timber veneer storage are robust and family friendly.

Kennedy Nolan-2

A curving wall of timber battens caresses the lawn. It conceals a garage, workshop and service yard. Kennedy Nolan-3

A crazy-paved floor flows from indoors to the outdoor terrace, before breaking up as it enters the lawn.

Kennedy Nolan-4

The Corian-topped kitchen bench operates at two heights thanks to a step up into the dining and living zone.

Kennedy Nolan-5

Top-hung sliding doors open wide to connect the indoor space to the swell of lawn in the rear yard.

Photos and resources:Emma Cross, ArchitectureAU

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