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Best Interior Design*Alexandra Champalimaud

Alexandra founded the firm in Montreal, Canada and quickly established a reputation for developing bespoke designs of the highest caliber. Alexandra completed her design training at the Espirito Santo Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal. Born and raised in Portugal, Alexandra received her early education in Switzerland and England. Alexandra brings a dynamic intellectual curiosity and an absence of pretense to her work. Drawing upon a wealth of personal experiences and professional commissions throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, her work is known for subtle references unique to her multi-faceted vantage point. With a unique talent for the application of color, pattern, texture and a seasoned understanding of the foundations and principals of classic design Alexandra remains an uncompromising aesthete respectful of the needs of her clients and the cultural context of each project. Whilst in Montreal, Alexandra served on the board of the Commissions des Biens Culturels du Québec and was an active member of Heritage Montreal. She is presently a member of the Network for Executive Women in Hospitality, the International Interior Design Association and is a past vice-president of the US-Portugal Chamber of Commerce. In 2012 Alexandra was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame, in 2000 she was awarded the Platinum Circle for Lifetime Achievement by Hospitality Design magazine and was honored in 2009 by Interior Design and Hotels magazines, as the Interior Designer of the Year. Alexandra drives the creative process on all of the firm’s projects and oversees the overall relationship with clients.

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Good design begins with an exceptional story. Our New York-based studio is dedicated to expressing the individual character of each space through extraordinary design.

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Champalimaud has partnered with our clients to create some of the world’s most distinctive properties, transforming context and heritage into compelling stories and unparalleled experiences.

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As we develop each project’s unique expression, Champalimaud’s atelier of designers considers all the elements that define a space-history, setting, purpose and, above all, people.

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Our designers possess a rich understanding of all aspects of a project, from strategic planning through expert craftsmanship and elegant styling, that enable the creation of bespoke luxury environments.  Champalimaud’s imaginative and forward thinking design teams are leading successful award-winning projects around the globe.

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