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Tom Stringer, a Top Designer From Chicago

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Tom Stringer is a popular and high-end Chicago interior designer with an exquisite professional style. He has formal training in classical architecture and a great passion for exotic travels. Every year, Tom plane travel to one spot in the world seeking for both adventure and inspiration to his designs.

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His photo albums reveal his rich sightings like the patterned back of a Spotted Eagle Ray in Fiji, a ballet troupe of sharks circling slowly overhead in the Tuamotus and the tangle of color on a rag trader’s cart in Tangiers.


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With this experience the designer seeks to make a bridge between the style of his design blended with the new cultures that he absorbs. Tom Stringer Design Partners gathers the multi-disciplinary work fullfilled with professionals from Design, Architect and even project consultants.


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Each of the project developed by the team as an unique character because is a reflection of the interests and desires of each client. The services goes from space planning, coordination & specigication of interior finishes to selection of fabrics, furniture and accessories. Many of the firm’s projects incorporate interior architectural design coordination&development, electrical & lighting design, custom millwork & casework design.


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Reflecting its founder’s spirited personality and love of adventure, Tom Stringer Design Partners creativity is simultaneously rooted in the classics while offering clients a multi-layered and modern approach to color, texture and personal interests. With the same energy that motivates his own love of travel and collecting, Tom and his creative team incorporate their clients’ passions into their design schemes—creating a kind of relaxed glamour that’s both deeply personal and truly unique.


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Headquartered in a loft in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Tom and his team start every project with an evaluation of the space for proportion and symmetry, applying computer modeling and the collected wisdom of their experience. Such right-brain/left brain synergy is why the spaces created by Tom Stringer Design Partners are not only warm and inviting but also visually elegant.


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