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Belcanto Hotel | Discover The Interiors And Other Enchants

Belcanto Hotel is here! José Avillez presents a totally exceptional gastronomic and sensory adventure at Belcanto. In a chic setting that transports us from the romanticism of ancient Chiado to the future, Belcanto serves modern Portuguese cuisine.

“We are nonconformists by nature.” – José Avillez

Belcanto, which has two Michelin stars and is ranked 46th on the list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” is also notable for its enviable location in Lisbon’s historic district, its friendly, discreet, and attentive service, as well as its extraordinary wine cellar, which features some of the best Portuguese wines as well as outstanding international references.

“The light, the life, the people. The history, the sea, our regions. Portugal. Here we live, here we grow. Here we are inspired, here we walk. The kitchen is our fado, our form of expression.” – José Avillez

At Belcanto, you can taste some of the best Portuguese flavors from a variety of menu items that extend the traditions of Portuguese cooking. At Belcanto, the characteristics of Portuguese culture and identity—hospitality, attention to detail, and real concern for individuals seated at the table—are organically fostered. Portugal’s high-quality products, which are dispersed over many areas and strikingly different scenery, are a source of pride. The lengthy history of Portuguese food is revealed in Belcanto.

The Chef’s Table, which José Avillez designed as a special and exclusive area within the Belcanto kitchens, allows guests to see the team’s meticulous and exacting work while a tasting menu and a specially recommended wine list from sommelier Nádia Desidério are being served.

Studio Astolfi designed a serene, sober, elegant, timeless, and comfortable room with a focus on comfort for the Belcanto restaurant. Belcanto is housed in a building in the center of Lisbon that boasts grand historic features including lofty ceilings, tiled vaults, and stone arches. Studio Astofi created a project with neutrality and permeability as the two main inspirations in order to retain the truth of the space.

Neutral in the sense of having a high regard for the fabrics and gentle distressing colors, such as the fine oak wood, brass, straw, and velvet. And permeability because, despite the fact that the space has been reorganized to form discrete zones, the visual progression generated by the large iron windows and an open curtain, which gives a complete and coherent sense of the space, has been preserved.

The artist Joana Astolfi intervenes with a collection of handmade ceramic “fossils” that honor the components and items utilized in Belcanto on the walls surrounding this nook. Lighting design is very important in this comfortable, private setting. Even the table itself was decorated with works of art as part of the Belcanto project to commemorate the mise-en-place.


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