plant wall black sofa and armchairs
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Beautiful Living Room Designs that Inspire You

Beautiful Living Room Designs that Inspire You


As one of the most frequented rooms in a house —to be rivaled only by the kitchen—a living room sets the tone for the rest of your home. So it is a place where you can experiment with different styles, colors, textures, and materials that can stun your guests. Whether adding a carpet with a different pattern or texture, more luxurious and modern lighting, or a sofa with colorful details. Try it out and be creative, don’t be afraid to be daring! That’s why Best Interior Designers has separated some ideas for you to be inspired when decorating your living room.


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This living room it’s all about details. From the choice of sofas in black to this wall full of plants and the rug with an amazing pattern, make this a unique and modern room!


plant wall black sofa and armchairs


Amazing how the blue and yellow details blend so well in this living room. This modern and aesthetic golden chandelier brings more glamour to it.


classic living room beige sofa blue and yellow details


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Creating a focal point, Senzu Sofa adds glamour to this living room, competing with the White grand piano.


parisian house luxury chandelier


This floor lamp fits perfectly in most of the living rooms since it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic decors.


white armchair and liberty floor lamp


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Luxury is really in the details, in this case, in the golden details! Your guests’ eyes will shine brighter than a diamond by the decor in this living room.


handcrafted mirror on the wall luxury living room


Black and white are very classic, you can’t go wrong. And to give even more personality to the environment, add a rug with an exclusive print.


beige rug nad two white chairs


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A chic and classic living room is all you need! This KOI center table is perfect for a living room because it blends in well in any environment, thanks to its color and design that recall some elements of nature, such as water.


dark living room but light sofas


Paris by itself is already reminiscent of glamor and classicism. But in this example, we have the joining of these styles in a more modern and colorful way. Attention to detail and subtle finessing are key factors while creating that ultimate elegant look.


parisian house luxury chandelier white sofa and green decoration


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This one is a project by Katharine Pooley, one of the most famous British Interior Designers. The balance of colors, the luxurious features like the mirror and chandelier combined with the more sober drapes – wonderful!


Katharine pooler living room


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