Architect and Design Brothers: Bismut & Bismut
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Architect and Design Brothers: Bismut & Bismut

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Bismut&Bismut, French architects, designers and brothers, have always been injecting passion into their projects; personal and unique designs for residential and commercial projects including high end apartments, Embassies ,Hotels and luxury concept stores worldwide.Architect and Design Brothers: Bismut & Bismut

Daniel and Michel Bismut occupy a special place among today’s architects.
Firstly, because they are brothers and have always worked together.
And because they go straight from the detail of a piece of furniture to the design of a building.

Architect and Design Brothers: Bismut & BismutThey work with the lines, space and materials, and like to simplify architectural vocabulary, keeping only the bare essentials.

Light before anything else. Light that lengthens perspectives.
Enhances plain but ever-changing surfaces, modulates spaces, from the most open to the most private.



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Bismut & Bismut architecture are based in the classical, very unique pieces, in certain way they explore the antique furniture trying to recreate some scenarios from past years.

Their style is very minimalistic and their objects want to share an impression elegance and a noble essence combined with a rebel nature.

Moreover, they want to share at the same time three characteristic: equilibrium, functionality and serenityArchitect and Design Brothers: Bismut & Bismut


A question of perfect proportions, absolute harmony between emptiness and fullness, lines and volumes, inspired contrasts between marble and copper weave, raw linen and solid oak.
To change the scale of a room and how it is perceived, but also to devise surprises using materials without ostentation, which are subtlety itself.
Effects hitherto unseen, enhanced by research spanning crafts and technology: interplay between mass and transparency, East and West.

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Work involving rhythm, as if offering spaces outside of time, but nevertheless its guardians, settings for contemporary living.Architect and Design Brothers: Bismut & Bismut

Their work has been largely published in specialised magazines such as, Architectural Digest, ELLE Décoration, Marie-Claire Maison, Maison Francaise, Ideat etc.
Their unique blend of architectural experience extends to the creation of a custom-made furniture line.

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