5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists
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5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

In this article, we’ll explore 5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists that are well known worldwide and are making waves all across America. Are you ready to get to know them better?


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5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

Credits: Girdom Diseno


Girdom Diseño is one of the Most Prominent Design Studios in Mexico. Juana Girault de Domenzain founder of GIRDOM Diseño, is the people behind the brand. With more than 25 years of experience in the market, doing national and international projects, Juana continues at the forefront of style, quality, and elegance with each of its clients.


5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

Credits: Legorreta Sepúlveda


Legorreta Sepúlveda Arquitectos is a Design Studio specialized in Creative Projects that has more than 20 years and 200 constructions. Their statement? –  “We believe that knowing your work with architecture can be something positive for you”.  One of the top Design Specialists in Mexico.


5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

Credits: Adearquitectos


Adearquitectos is a young firm focused on architectural and interior design located in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, offering services in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, the rest of the Mexican Republic and the United States. With projects all around Central and North-America, Adearquitectos is one of the fastest growing Architectural Firms in the region!


5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

Credits: TEN Arquitectos


TEN Arquitectos develops research projects, design, architecture and infrastructure. With 28 years of experience in cultural, centers, hotels, museums, residential and urban developments, parks, public spaces and furnishing, TEN Arquitectos has offices based in Mexico City and New York.


5 Amazing Mexican Design Specialists

Credits: Joel Escalona


Joel Escalona is a Mexican industrial design studio specialized in product development, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle, and technology. A top Central American Multi-Purpose Design Studio with a strong vision for the future.


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