4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!
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4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!

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Today, Best Interior Designers will present you 4 stunning design projects by Prima Design, an international Italian Architecture firm with full-service architectural, interior design, and artisanal craft consultancy firm!


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With industry veteran James Cavagnari at the helm, Prima Design has got its headquarters in Florence, Italy. For the past years, the firm has developed more than 300 awe-inspiring projects across the globe, ranging from residential to commercial, but we decided to select 4 of them!

4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!

The first project it’s a collector’s home in Moscow, that Prima Design transformed by creating a deliberate balance between art, furniture, and functional spaces. The end result was a peaceful place in which to live in in the midst of the bustling Russian capital.

4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!

Also in Moscow, we have this urban project that transmits a feeling of cosiness and understated luxury. Prima Design creators were inspired by nature and opted to use warm materials such as woods, leathers and lime plasters for this apartment.

4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!

Moving on to a project in New York, United States of America. For this Manhattan Home of a famed photographer, Prima Design visualized the space as a photo essay and created a sequence of surprising scenes featuring unique geometrical and design elements to awe and inspire the viewer. In a way, it’s just like a beautiful spread in a magazine.

4 Amazing Projects By Prima Design!

Let’s return to Eastern Europe to talk about this amazing apartment in Prague, Czech Republic.  Tasked with restructuring a beautiful villa on the outskirts of Prague, Prima Design decided to develop a concept where they added an unexpected Mediterranean flair to the oftentimes chilly region. The result was a unique homage to Prague’s color palate and visual history, the villa’s context, all brought together with a Tuscan twist utilizing warm materials, colours and other design elements sourced in It

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