Darren Henault luxurious talent
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Darren Henault luxurious talent

Darren Henault’s extraordinary talent for creating luxurious, livable spaces has won him awards, accolades, and the attention of the most important design publications in the world. His clients include celebrities, business leaders, and the social elite who rely on his innate ability to fulfill their visions.Darren Henault luxurious talentHenault’s highly personal, elegant style delights his clients. Whether creating a country home, a city apartment, a townhouse, a yacht or a boardroom, Darren creates a palpable feeling of comfort and intimacy, as well as a sense of permanence.


See also: Best Interior Designer Project | The Club at the Saujana Resort by Jaya Ibrahim Darren Henault luxurious talentHenault’s first gig came in 1996 when a friend asked him to snazz up her Mercer Street apartment. This wasn’t his first creative assignment. He’d already acquired a following for the slipcovers he’d been making ever since he had arrived in Manhattan and purchased a sweing machine.Darren Henault luxurious talentFor the Mercer Street undertaking, he covered most of the loft in white duck cloth, he said that it was the first and only time that he’s ever done the all-white thing. Henault, was meanwhile converting his own tiny West Village apartment by installing live sheet moss on the bathroom walls and covering his bedroom in Japanese paper from Kate’s paperle in Soho


See also: Top 10 exhibitors at Maison & Objet AmericasDarren Henault luxurious talentDarren Henault founded his firm in 1997 when the musician Meat Loaf hored him to decorate a Manhattan Duplex. Henault’s rooms look like opulent film sets

with intricate details meant to age gracefully. Henault attracts clientes who embrace the adventurous side of design and consistently pushes them to explore design that is beyond their Comfort zones.

Darren tries to explore the contemporany furniture in modern spaces, there’s always a perfet mixture between them.Darren Henault luxurious talent

Darren Henault said in a interview that he love rooms, and any time he tries to renovate an apartment, he tries to put up many walls as possible. He said that as much that everyone loves each other, at the end of the day, they just want to get away.