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Top Interior Architect | Hofman Dujardin

Hofman Dujardin Architects was founded in 1999 by Barbara Dujardin and Michiel Hofman. Since then, they have been working on a wide variety of architectural, interior and product design projects with a team consisting of approximately 8 architects.

Barbara Dujardin Barbara is French and is living and working in Amsterdam since more than 10 years, she studied Architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture in Versailles where she graduated in 1998. Her final project, which was nominated with honour, had the theme to connect the North of Amsterdam with the ancient centre.

In the office Barbara has an important role on the field of innovation and new design. She has a clear and solid opinion on the design and the process. Her critical eye guarantees a continuous improvement of each project.

Michiel Hofman studied Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. He graduated in 1997 with the design of a housing complex in combination with an expressive entertainment district in the historic center of Paris. The project has been selected for the prestigious Archiprix 1998.


Best Projects

Hofman Dujardin Architects has developed a office space for law and notary firm BarentsKrans located in The Hague.

The original building of the last century has been transformed into a state of the art office. Characteristic of the building are the central atriums in the heart of the building. The two atriums are connected together to form the active meeting place for the law firm. The new expressive English staircase connects the meeting spaces of each floor. Wooden floors and ceilings create a warm inviting atmosphere of the meeting. The closed rooms are located on the front and rear. The open work for secretaries and staff are located next to the open transparent atriums.



An other project that they developed is Eneco’s New Rotterdam eco-Headquarters, an Dutch energy company.

On the ground level and first floor is Eneco Village , a meeting centre around a central atrium with a coffee bar, meeting facilities, working spots, restaurant and a flexible auditorium. Stairs and voids are added to create a maximum transparency and a optimum relation with the surrounding spaces.



Hofman Dujardin Architects designed a large villa set in the Dutch countryside. What appears at first sight to be a simple block with an angled roof turns out to be a complex composition of space and light as well as a study of the modern home’s function.


The building is placed at the rear of a large, flat site with the horizontal lines of its facade reflected in the pathway from the road. The roof and the ground floor are both large, angular and dark blocks which are set off by large panes of glass that keep the geometry clean and the appearance uncluttered. Below grade, the story changes. At the front of the house, running parallel to the pathway, concrete steps lead down towards a basement-level patio, opening to a glass hall-way/family room. On either sides, this subterranean space is lined by bedrooms. At the rear of the house, the gesture is continued in the shape of a long, sloping ramp up into the garden. 9-top-interior-architect-hofman-dujardin


AWESOME PROJECT: The German magazine AIT invited 100 selected architecture and interior design offices across Europe to redesign the ‘ONO’ chair produced the Dietiker company. The newly designed chairs have been exhibited in the context of a road show in the AIT-Architektur Salons Hamburg, Munich, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Stuttgart.


The chair is projected to have: apartments, stores, museum, skylounge, hotel, public parc, musuc centre, restaurants, sports centre, bars, cinema, etc.


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