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Are you excited to read more about the designer, whose projects that are elegant, quiet and seem as if they came with only a few colors, materials, shapes from the beginning? Let’s get acquainted with Iria Degen, one of the best interior designers from Switzerland.




Iria Degen is one of the most sought-after interior designers in Switzerland. She followed her passion to design after having graduated with diploma of law. After that the destiny led her by chance to Paris to Andrée Putman, who was the great French interior architect and designer. Iria Degen worked with him for four years as a project manager. At the same time Iria attended the École Camondo,  that is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools for interior decoration and design. In 2000 she founded her own office for interior design in Paris and Zurich. She sets up private houses and restaurants, hotels and showrooms, offices and doctor’s offices, oversees projects from Paris to New York. At the same time she is also internationally involved  for the professional association IFI.

Background & Realizations

Iria Degen Interiors includes a team of 10 – 14 interior designers, architects and designers who work internationally for both private and public projects. All the time they are looking for new tasks. The firm mostly represent an attitude and look at each project individually. The clients, they deal with, include cultured demanding individuals with high expectations on quality and detail care. What is more, well-known companies would like to work with Iria Degen.

At the start point, the designer begins with an idea. The company strives for creative solutions, user-oriented thinking and connect design with function. Also, they consider he dialogue with the architecture to be important. Besides, the environment and local characteristics are incorporated into their work as well.  The style of the designer is characterized by nature-quality materials, soft colors and simple shapes. A harmonious and peaceful atmosphere is created too. Generally speaking, this is timelessly elegant design which submits to no fashion and naturally adapts to the

The designer Iria Degen confesses that the key issues in design is a good planning: the profound, serious discussion of what the architecture and interior design may need, what requirements and functions are supposed to be used. It is also about a comprehensive anticipation of possible future benefits.


Another key factor is the timelessness of style which is quite natural for a designer. The designer doesn’t consider herself to be trendy, but rather a person who creates timelessly modern design at home.


The Most Iconic Projects

Among the most iconic projects, designed by Iria Degen, is the restaurant Jasper, Hotel Palace Luzern in Switzerland, The designer was working on this project in 2003.


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As a renowned interior designer in Zurich, Iris was occupied at work and cooperated with Ralph Meury that has headed up a wide range of projects for her since 2007 on a freelance basis. He develops interior design solutions and defines customized floor layouts. Then, in close cooperation with Iria Degen and her team, details, materials and furnishings are worked out. As head of design, he supervises and monitors on-site the realisation by an external building contractor. Among the projects carried out have been the interiors of two rehabilitation clinics in Zug and Basel, as well as the remodelling of a dental practice in Zurich.

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Inspirational Quotes from Iria Degen

When the designer Iria Degen was asked what aesthetics and sustainability combines, the answer of the designer was the following: “I think what unites is actually a love of nature. Sustainability is indeed ultimately nature – and should influence our thinking”.



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