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One Way: Peter Marino at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami

Peter Marino is yet to peak in his enviable career, which includes a wide range of projects, from high-end boutiques, hotels and private residences. The notorious New Yorker, also know for his imitable style and unusual attire, has recently embarked on a new creative adventure with this One Way: Peter Marino exhibition.“The celebrated architect showcases his relationship with art and how it inspires his visionary world.”


“One Way: Peter Marino” is a one-of-a-kind design exhibition illustrating the architect’s unique approach to bespoke installations that reflect his signature fusion of art and fashion. Know as well for his unusual and imitable style, the remarkable New Yorker has recently embraced this new creative adventure and chose Bass Museum of Art in Miami to display his collection. Strips of videotape guide the visitors along the Bass Museum’s corridors towards Marino’s multifaceted display of art.

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The exhibition features themed spaces grouped by the genres of his collection. One in particular is Pop Art, which is given a unique depth because of Marino’s relationship with Andy Warhol. The other themes include iconic portraiture and photography and Marino’s recently designed series of cast/bronze boxes, presented with leather/clad walls, lined with his collection of black and white photography. The prestigious Jérome Sans curated the exhibit that blends Marino’s personal art collection with his emblematic architectural.


Although the exhibit includes a few of Marino’s own pieces, it also includes his personal collection boasting various well/known artists, such as Gregor Hildebrandt, Guy Limone, Farhad Moshiri, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Andy Warhol and Erwin Wzurm. These artistic collaborations and commissioned performances illustrate Marino’s work with some of the most talented individuals within the creative art’s community. One of the exhibition’s highlights is Andy Warhol’s “Human Heart”.

The iconic artist is one of many respected clients Marino has worked with over the ears. Another notable piece is a painting by Rudolf Stingel, one of the most impressive conceptual artists of the current era, which hangs next to the ephemeral art of Dan Colen.


At the age of 62, Peter Marino has an enviable career. The formidable architect has designed everything from high/end boutiques, to hotels to private residences. He is quoted as being the only architect that has designed so many retail stores, he can span an entire alphabet of top names like Armani, Bvlgari, Chanel and Dior, to name a few.


It can be said that every single piece is a pertinent inconsistency because it is Marino’s interpretation of art within its own. The exhibition clearly reflects Marino’s creative vision, and viewers find themselves intimately submerged in the pioneer’s eclectic artistic facets.

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