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Zehana Interiors

Based in Los Angeles, Zehana Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that provides both residential & commercial spaces. They believe that great design is just the beginning of a story. When space is well-executed, people are not only alleviated of the noise and stress of the outside world, they also begin a journey of self-awareness and heightened consciousness as a result of meaningful context. This is why Zehana Interiors emphasizes creating spaces that are true expressions of who their clients are, and how they want to live.

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Zehana Interiors was built upon their fundamental philosophy – a home should continuously serve as a haven of wellness, vitality, and comfort so that one can live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Interior design is the art and science that Zehana Interiors practices to enable every aspect of space to communicate and function so it can serve this exact purpose.



The design legends of Zehana Interiors’ past have contributed monumental work and research that forever shaped our cities. At Zehana, their thinking and methods are largely influenced by these legends, many of which taught us what they understand today. Zehana Interiors strives to push industry boundaries and creative limits, and the challenge is not about finding beautiful items, but rather how they make one feel. Design is therefore highly personal and delicate, as it must represent the heritage, perspectives, and cultural influences that encompass one’s complex identity. This important principle has been their guiding post to enhance people’s well-being in a way that feels genuine to their souls. Thus, the interior design really has the power to profoundly change people’s lives.

Zehana Interiors use a multidimensional approach to interior design as every assignment is unique. The needs and challenges of each space are always different, and so the master plan must be thoughtfully tailored to both the intent and the desire.

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While the interior of a home is meant to transform as one’s experience and perspectives change, great architecture however is designed to last decades, if not centuries. As such, the existing architecture is something to be respected, not forced. Their passion as a design firm is to examine this relationship between the old and the new in order to give each object a sense of meaning and belonging.

From a simplified high-level overview, our process is as follows: They begin each project with an onsite consultation to meet the client and understand the lifestyle. After the first meeting, they gather their notes and develop a detailed budget proposal with various potential design aesthetics to present to the client. Once both variables are agreed upon and established, Zehana Interiors move forward to the next phase of the creative process. For any inquires, please contact our office.




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