The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivy’s design The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivy8 1086x516

The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin

Meet Ivy’s Design, a talented top design studio based in Germany, that’s lead by head designer, Ivana Bukvic. This interior design firm stands on 5 main principles in order for them to achieve the most incredible results within their projects: making ideas happen, quality, art, nature and color. The design company firmly believes that the client must be involved throughout the whole design process, in order to perfectly reflect their vision and taste. Find out everything about Ivy’s Design in this exclusive interview, where design was one of the topics of this friendly conversation.


The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivy’s design The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivys 4
Ivy’s Design


Ivy’s Design sits on a small yet talented team that shares a great number of award-winning designers that focus on working very closely with their clients, to create unique places in multiple areas, from kitchen spaces to coworking franchises. Their dedication comes from their passion for the world of design and the desire of “taking it all in”. With many things surrounding the world, it’s a constant inspiration and for Ivana Bukvic, “it is important, as a designer, to never lessen the senses. Devouring films, music, books, paintings, photographs, conversations, dreams, trees, architecture, the work of your contemporaries, the design classics ­ drawing inspiration from everywhere is a reward in itself”.


The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivy’s design The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivys5
Ivy’s Design


Ivana Bukvic’s greatest achievement was definitely when she became a mother, also affirming that it was one of the hardest things she had to do. Her secret his her passion for everything she embraces, no matter the challenges she may face. “You embrace the challenges and retain your passion for design. Things do not always go our ways nor do they go as we imagined­ no matter all the plans, organization and structures we have built to support systems we need to successfully run a business”. Overcoming those challenges makes her work harder towards her achievements, such as exploring the maximum of her “artistic expression and using my creative potential”.


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When she created her own design company, she adventured herself into solving everything through her own merit, including her employees, who she also considers her friends, which sometimes can be complicated! “When you have employees that are not only a part of the team but are friends­ there is a lot more to take in account. When the lines between personal and professional get blurred, and by choice, the results are more powerful, but to get to those, the obstacles are rough and more. The decisions one can face daily, relying on personal sets of principles and morals, while maintaining an entrepreneurial and ambitious mindset can take a lot of energy and focus”.


The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivy’s design The Wonder Work of Ivy’s Design From Berlin ivys 4 1
Ivy’s Design


This design studio is prestigious and talented due to its passion for industrial design, along with a combination of exquisite architecture and passionate design. The biggest retrospective is to stay true to the established design identity, as well as professional ideals. “It is important in all chapters of life to try and not to lose sight of why we have started this career path in the first place. All careers will inevitably be fraught with challenges, a moment of doubt and questioning, but how can we overcome those chapters and less glamorous parts of our work are things that can define our success”.


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Within her work through the interior design world, Ivana takes her “work personally. I give in every positive emotion there is. It is not an option, but a priority, and I am invested in every project we have wholeheartedly. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you love and seeing the results of the hard work: a career full of color and vibrancy of ones design”. When she embraces each project, she’s fully committed, and once the achieves the final result, the satisfaction is absolutely priceless. Being constantly stimulated by different elements, on a mental, physical and emotional level, she’s able to be inspired and reflects those same inspirations on eclectic settings.


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Ivy’s Design


Defined by a courageous style, this interior design firm is recognized for risking and being bold when it comes to delivering authentic settings. Comfort, vivid and warm is also part of the design identity palette, as well as natural elements and materials. “Courageous first. Not everyone will love what you do, but the point is in not getting discouraged. My style is defined by coziness, a vivid and warm color palette, natural elements and materials”. Mixing styles, such as antique pieces with industrial settings are some of the examples that make this design firm so original.


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Inspired by the prestigious and top French interior Jean Louis Deniot, and also by­ Emily Henderson, a home-style and decor expert, Ivana affirms that she doesn’t have a specific type of client. The designer doesn’t approve that she could be limited in that creative way. I take equal pleasure in designing family homes and residential places as I do create lovely and lively working environment. From friends and admirers to real estate companies offices and co­working spaces, to cupcake stores and restaurant deli places­ my design studio has done it all”. To get to every client, she invests in word-of-mouth, refreshing the social networks constantly, presenting her portfolio online to make potential clients fall in love with her projects.


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Ivy’s Design


Right now, her team has many projects in hand, such as a “real estate investment company penthouse offices at a prime location in Berlin and a killer view, an inventive community area to refresh the modernize the look of the Red Cross­ a project I took on gladly, to a private residential place adjusted for the newest additions to the family”. There’s also a special project her team is involved in which is a “huge open space attic apartment, situated by the Krumme Lanke lake. The idea is to mimic an art gallery space exactly­ a few massive and stunning custom made pieces of furniture, artworks, brass and metal details­ and not jammed upon the walls, leaving the space to be imposing in itself and inducing the awe moment of a perfectly curated exhibition”.


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For the designer, within the design world, the Maximalism and New Postmodern are the trends that are prevailing at the moment. “From dark kitchens and tin interiors, to statement seating pieces and the return of the wallpaper, the ones I appreciate most­ because they resonate with me most­ are the return of maximalism and the New Postmodern.” The contrast of colors and patterns are definitely one of the ways of achieving that perfect decor style, where she affirms that Kelly Wearstler is one of the greatest inspiring professionals in that area.


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