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We’re Live at the 2nd Day of LDC Summit 2019!

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Like Yesterday, we’re Live at the 2nd Day of LDC Summit 2019! Best Interior Designers is at Oporto to cover the 2nd Edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019 (LDC Summit 2019) and we’ll bring you all the updates about this major design event! We’ll also be doing a Major Live Coverage on Instagram, so don’t follow. Stay Tuned!


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We're Live at the 2nd Day of LDC Summit 2019!


The day started early on this 2nd Day of the LDC Summit 2019! Luxury, Marketing, Design and, obviously, Craftsmanship are on teh Agenda for Today, but the best way to start the morning was with a Craftsmanship Showcase, where 20 Top Artisans presented their Arts and Crafts to the Audience.


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The Panel Session began with a Key Note Speach by Carlos Coelho, a Marketing Specialist that gave an amazing Lecture about what Makes and Breaks a Brand! Within the lecture, Mr. Coelho talked about the Basis of Marketing and the Essence of Communication. Today’s Marketing revolves around Competition and Communication, so it’s fundamental for a Marketing Strategist to think about Plans that support the Brand with a Powerful Communication and an incredible sense of Competition and Awareness of the World that surrounds us, because in today’s world a brand’s reputation is not fully controlled by the brand itself but by the opinion of others!



It was an incredible speech by Carlos Coelho that reflected about the present and Future of Design, Marketing and Craftsmanship. Inspiring and Overwhelming, Mr. Coelho promoted an incredible talk about what values Portugal, what values Design, what values a Brand. An incredible Masterclass!



The first Panel of the Day was dedicated to Marketing. With the theme “Marketing: Winning High-End Consumers”, this Panel featured the presence of Maria José Martins (Moderator), Rita Sambado (Author), Ana Maria Vasconcelos (VP of APICCAPS), Ricardo Conceição (Entrepreneur), Miguel Costa (Entrepreneur – Bentley/ Lamborghini) and Carlos Coelho (Marketing Specialist).



After an emotional presentation by Rita Sambado about the World of Branding and the Future of Craftsmanship, Miguel Costa took the stage to present a little bit of the history of Lamborghini and how this auto brand is working on a revolution of Design and Bespoke Services. All in all, Sambado and Costa agreed that in Craftsmanship Design or in Auto Industries, what matters is the Soul of the project and the spirit of the brand itself, but also the strengths of each core business and how these concepts are advertised!



It was time to call to the stage the other two members of the panel: Ana Maria Vasconcelos (Belcinto) and Ricardo Conceição (L’ Atelier des Créateurs ). They presented their projects to the audience and engage with them by telling them their own success stories. All of the Members of the Panel have success stories, but all of them reach a level of success with different approaches, however, all of them valued Craftsmanship during their journeys and is that value that made them a Sucess, just like their approach of Work Ethics and Work Concept.


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The Summit resumed after a Lunch Break with the final panel of the event entitled “Designing & Crafting: Criteria to Excellence”! Raquel Costa (Swarovski), Nini Andrade da Silva (Designer), Emmanuel Babled (Designer), Khaoula Ouerfelli and Duarte Eira (Chef) were part of this incredible panel and they gave us an incredible Design Lesson!



The panel started with Nini Andrade da Silva, a Top Portuguese Designer that’s specialized ins Hospitality Projects. Andrade showed the audience four incredible projects that showcase her incredible brilliance: PWC, a palace in Lisbon fully renovated with amazing craftsmanship details; Mondrian Dubai, a 5-Star Hotel in Dubai that’s inspired by the Desert Rose Look; Savoy Palace, a 5-Star Hotel in Funchal (Madeira); and Hotel Villa Foz, an incredible Hotel in Oporto! All of these amazing projects are incredible and fully representative of Nini Andrade Silva’s inspiring design style!



Emmanuel Babled followed her and gave a strong lecture about his work as an Industrial Designer that involves many Craftsmanship Works! What followed was a presentation of Khaoula Ouerfelli and Raquel Costa about their respective brands; Maison Assouline and Swarovski!  The panel quickly evolved into a sublime discussion about Design, Marketing and the Value of Craftsmanship and Natural! The discussion tied into the topics discussed by all the previous panel. All in All, Craftsmanship was valued and defended!


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The Summit concluded with a Final Speech by Monica Seabra Mendes! She resumed the event with great class and creativity and, all in all, concluded to the success of this edition, but also alluded to the success of the first edition and that allows this second edition to also shine. The Summit will return in 2020!


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