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We’re Live at the 1st Day of LDC Summit 2019! Check out all the Novelties

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We’re Live at the 1st Day of LDC Summit 2019! Best Interior Designers is at Oporto to cover the 2nd Edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019 (LDC Summit 2019) and we’ll bring you all the updates about this major design event! We’ll also be doing a Major Live Coverage on Instagram, so don’t follow. Stay Tuned!


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What to Expect From The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019


The event starts today in Gondomar (Oporto) at Pavilhão Multiusos and stars and 2PM, but first at 11 AM some Top Artisans will showcase an incredible Masterclass. We’ll be checking that event in a moment! But for now, let us share with you some Photos of the Pre-Opening of the Event!


At this LDC Summit you’ll find 20 Crafts and Arts that are well represented by Top Artisans that will showcase their work and will do live performances where they will show the audience how they work. The 20 Arts represented include Ceramics, Tiles, Stucco, Sacred Painting, Porcelain Painting, Silver Chiseling, Chiseling, Filigree, Metal Working, Jewelry, Wood Working, Bobbin Lace,  Embedding, Notch, Gilding, Woodwork, Spring Wadding, Wadding, Weaving, Shoemaking, Embroidery from Madeira and Torno.


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And we’re almost starting! At 2:40 Pm, Amândio Pereira, the CEO of the Covet Group will kickstart the 2nd Edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019.  With a motto “To Inspire and Elevate Design and Craftsmanship“, this 2nd Edition will, once again, be a luxurious anthem to the valuable world of Luxury Craftsmanship!



In his opening monolog, Amandio Pereira thanked the Makers & Craftsmen for their contribution to the World of Craftsmanship. The main purpose of the makers and the importance of valuing the old arts and techniques was, once again, reinforced. After mentioning the victories of Portuguese Design and the Covet Group, that includes the presence at Homo Faber or the Talks at Maison et Objet, Amandio Pereira talked about the true mission of this Summit: “We should work on the Preservation of the Crafts so that Future Generations can Enjoy them. This Summit is part of that Preservation Mission”. He ended the segment with the most inspiring quote “Let’s Build The Future of Craftsmanship”.



After the Inaugural Speech, it was time to Honor the Craftsmen Present at the Summit. All of them were called to the Stage and accepted awards that honor their work, legacy and creativity. After that, Marco Martins, the Mayor of Gondomar, was called to the stage to give a speech about the role of Gondomar within the Arts and Crafts. He highlighted the work of Covet Group for the Craftsmanship Values and defended that Gondomar will keep supporting the Craftsmanship World.



Also called to the stage was Carlos Sousa, representing the Department of Tourism of the North of Portugal. He reinforced the connection of Tourism with the Arts and the Craftsmanship but also supported the idea that this Summit is one more tool that defends the values and future of the Portuguese Industry and the Portuguese Commerce.



After all the Inaugural Speeches and Events it was time for the Summit to star. Nicole Segundo, representative of the Michelangelo Foundation talked about the Mission of this Private Foundation that supports the Arts and Crafts. That mission involves the Preservation and the Perpetuation of the Arts for Future Generations – “We want to keep the Traditions Alive so Future Generations can Enjoy them. Michelangelo supports the connection between Design and Craftsmanship so that we can promote the growth of Creativity and Craftsmanship worldwide”



Nicole Segundo highlighted the amazing Doppia Firma Event, a top Craftsmanship Event, whose latest Edition had the participation of three Portuguese Partnerships, all of them are mentioned in the Picture Above. Another top event organized by the Michelangelo Foundation with great success was the incredible Homo Faber! This event took place this past September in Venice. Nicole Segundo announced that Homo Faber was considered a Huge Sucess Worldwide and, because of that, it will return for a 2nd Edition that will also take place in Venice in 2020 between the 10th of September and the 11th of October.



Segundo also highlighted the several books that the Michelangelo Foundation has published in the past years, but the end of her amazing intervention was focused on the Michelangelo Foundation Programs for Youth. We highlight her reference to the Michelangelo Summer Schools for Youngsters, but also the Young Ambassadors Program, where Young Designers are brought together to highlight their Crafts and to potentiate their creativity alongside Top Craftsmen and Interior Designers.


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It was time to start the First Panel of the 2nd Edition of Summit. Moderated by Nicole Segundo, this First Panel started with Nicole asking designer Christian Haas about his collaboration with craftsmen José Vieira (Tinplate Work) for the latest Doppia Firm Event. We then moved to Emmanuel Babled, the leader of the pristine Babled Studio, that talked about the Value and Beauty of the Craftsmanship Values and how Designers and Craftsman cand and should work well together to create amazing works of art!



The panel proceeded with Portuguese Craftsmen Miguel Duarte, representing Fundação Espirito Santo. He talked about his collaboration in the Doppia Firma Program of the Michelangelo Foundation. Within this Program, Duarte created a stunning piece of furniture made of wood that highlighted his Crafts but also the Vision of the Designers that worked with Him. He talked about the trust that has to exist between the Designer and the Craftsmen and how this trust is fundamental for a successful collaboration!



All in all, the 4 Members of the Panel agree that the relation between Design and Craft is essential, but they also agree that the work that comes from a successful relationship between these two arts is equal to a unique work of art. However, this status is only achievable when there is a symbiotic corporation between Designers and Craftsman. Only a collaboration of this sort can produce Pieces with a SOul and with a Unique Style and Statement.


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The Panel also mentioned the value of Portuguese Craftsmanship, a unique style of Craftsmanship and with a very unique vibe. They agree that the Portuguese Craftsmanship comes from a Long Heritage, but it can be a little outdated sometimes. To keep the Portuguese Craftsmanship we really need to strive for Innovation and Modernity to keep this Portuguese Cafrstmanship alive and well. A final thought launched in the debate referred to a more Commercial Opinion.  The Crafts and the Design also need and Endgame or better yet a Final Destination and that Destination has to be a Buyer or Someone who Invests and Buys the Pieces. The market of Crafts and Design exists, but it is still growing and needs better development.



To end the day what better way than a Panel devoted to the Present and Future of Craftsmanship. The speakers of the panel included Conceição Amaral of the Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation; João Barros of PullCast, Rui Pinto an Artisan of PullCast: Joaquim Paulo the leader of the Culture Project and Vitor Querido, a Top Artisan of the Culture Project.

The Panel started with a strong presentation of PullCast. It’s CEO, João Barros, presented this Luxury Brand that was born “of a relationship between the playful mind of a Designer and the passionate art of an Artisan”. João elated the work of Rui Pinto, the top Craftsmen of PullCast, and how his amazing creativity helped grow PullCast. Today’s PullCast is the result of a perfectly symbiotic relationship between João the Designer and Rui the Artisan! The end result is the incredible pieces of PullCast and its amazing and unique decor mission!



At the basis of PullCast creative process is João’s amazing and rampaging creativity that’s supported and helped by the incredible talent and craftwork of Rui Pinto. This connection produced amazing pieces like the Tiffany Marble Pull or the Octo Pull! But just like the moderator said “before we reach the amazing technique shown by PullCast, that technique must be learned in school” and this was the perfect transition to introduce Conceição Amaral to the talk. She reinforced the importance of the Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation in the Craftsmanship Teaching Universe, but also highlighted the importance of the relationship between Artisan and Designer, but also between Artisan and Student.


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As we all learned, the  Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation plays an important role in the Teaching of the Crafts and in the Passage of Knowledge to Future Generations It’s a valuable institution that’s instrumental for the future of Portuguese Craftsmanship. After a presentation of this Foundation, it was time for the Culture Project to shine. Joaquim Paulo, the Creative Hub of Culture, talked about the creative spirit and style of this Project and what it means to the Craftsmanship World. Victor Querido, one of the Artisans of the Culture Project, also talked about the passion that he has for this project and how grateful he is for working with incredible materials and crafts.


We ended up where we started this panel! PullCast took again center stage and João Barros talked once again about the importance of craftsmanship for the essence of the PullCast brand. João Barros said that it’s important for PullCast to represent and sell the idea of Craftsmanship, because the Audience need to learn about the true value and work of any PullCast piece, because all of the pieces of this brand are unique and are handmade by some of the most talented hands in the world and that justifies his commercial value.


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