We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12
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We Introduce CovetED’s Amazing Trend Issue

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Our new TRENDSissue is out now! Let our editor talk you through the highlights, including design ideas from the world’s most stylish hotels. From a design gallerist, that provides you with all the details on the best products in the luxury design world, to the best trending projects in the design capitals, in this issue, you can have everything. From entryways decor ideas to fully inspirational books and a fashion selection of interior design in haute couture runway, this issue promises to be your TRENDS bible.


Welcome to the Most CovetED Trends Issue, a very special magazine part of an editorial luxury collection featuring the best interior design themes of the moment.


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We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12


It’s been a long year, so we have good reason to rejoice when thinking of the interior design trends coming up in 2021. From the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, our 2021 trend pieces edit will provide you with a curated look that will bring your home a luxury and curated touch.




We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12

Some design trends come, some design trends go – that’s how the industry of interiors keeps on evolving and reinventing itself. We all know how interior design took the center stage in 2020 and, in 2021, that tendency is getting even more expansive, determined and purposeful. As our lives become more focused on our homes, what’s emerging in the present year is a clear focus on creating a unique and totally liveable environment, while having an aesthetic appeal that tells something about who you are.


We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12

CovetEDbrings you amazing interior design trends from the biggest cities of the world that look forward to a conceptual rupture with conventional aesthetics but, at the same time, maintain some kind of familiarity you will easily associate with Paris, London, New York or Moscow. From the colours to the textures to the furniture itself, these are the global trends that deserve your attention. Looking for timeless themes and limitless expression? You’ll find it here!




We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12

The raging 20’s brought us life, gave us meaning and people learned that life was not all about work. But it was in the late 1920s that a little silver screen would change our everyday routines and even 100 years later that little screen (even smaller now), is still one of our biggest achievements. Can you imagine your life without the background noise of a television? Or even your own lazy Sunday afternoons without turning on your tv? No. Even with all of our available screens, television has set itself as the centrepiece of our living rooms, we even arrange the furniture accordingly. With such a presence over the years from this tiny box and the wider movie screens, their broadcasts and imagery were one of the biggest propellers of pop culture around the world. Finally, typewritten black letters and words would escape our books and our imagination and gain life on a movie screen, and for a little more than a century, we’ve got glued to the screens.



We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12

After some time experiencing a new way of living as the result of this unexpected pandemic we have started to adapt to a new normal and have different needs. Experiencing the world and seeing things with new eyes made us change our habits rather quickly but we still need and want to experience life. Interior design and fashion usually change according to seasons or social events but now more than ever we see these changes in habits leading us to new trends for spring-summer of 2022.  Maybe these trends represent the need people have to embrace the warmth of the outdoors after spending so much time indoors. Collectively we are feeling nostalgia for simpler and mellower times, for easy sunny days. Let’s create space for what we need, let’s create trends that will serve us and help us go through these times together and come back better from the experience.




They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and a home should be the same. But first impressions are very important and so it’s hard to deny the impact of a good entryway. The way you design your entryway can set the tone for the rest of the house. So you can go big and create an extravagant decoration or be softer and create a smother and minimalist design. The colours, shapes and even the materials you choose makes the atmosphere and home feel more inviting. Here you can get inspired with different entryway decor ideas to create the space of your dreams and tell your own story.



CovetED is always looking for the best interior design projects in the world. Therefore, we select the best of the best. In this issue, you can find two projects around the world, from Russia to the US and India. We hope you feel inspired, and that you enjoy these projects as much as we do. Different in style, but equal in luxury.



We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12


If you’re a design lover, chances are your shelves always have room for another book. Lucky for us, each season brings a fresh set of inspirational tomes from designers, stylists, and historians, giving us eye candy—and design advice—aplenty. Read on for the ones we’re buying now. Many seem to prefer interior design books as a form of artwork – if the cover matches the décor, it goes on the coffee table to collect dust. Here, we highlight some of the best interior design books that go beyond the surface-level Pinterest tutorials and get down to the principles of how to design the spaces in your home.



We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12

This is our editors’ annual rhapsody on their forever-favourite hotels from around the globe. In this year’s incarnation, we went beyond places to stay, including a range of experiences we consider truly exceptional—cruises, flights, restaurants, bars, destinations—along with the deeply personal reasons we love them. This was the stuff we daydreamed about in lockdown, and a few places we were actually able to visit—all that sustained us in a year of curtailed travel.



We Introduce CovetED's Amazing Trend Issue 12


Fine dining restaurants are worldwide recognized for their excellence in food, service, and ambience. The menus feature dishes that are filled with creativity and artistry of the chef, which translates into the art that is very visible on the plate. The service of these spaces is attentive but not intrusive and the incredible wine lists complement the menu in perfect harmony. Here are the restaurants we’re still dreaming about.



In-person events may have taken a pause, but this isn’t stopping designers from presenting collections that let us dream. We are living in a virtual world, and couture houses have adapted to this new reality. From Schiaparelli and Dior to Chanel and Giorgio Armani, brands are telling their stories via video, look books, and other digital channels.



When haute couture meets interiors, we are given a glimpse into an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design that demonstrates the designers’ unique style and inventiveness. Each year, many Fashion Weeks take place in the biggest cities in the world and dictate what are the top trends we should follow. But what happens when fashion trends influence the design world? CovetED Magazine brings you some of the major trends you can find in the interior design world fresh of the runway.  Are you brave enough to bring these trends into your decor?