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Visionnarie Home Philosophy

Visionnarie Home Philosophy

Visionnaire has been a meta-luxury brand of reference in the interior design market, since 1959, formed by the Bologna-based corporation IPE. Made in Italy is known for its one-of-a-kind design skills that are suited to the needs of its customers.

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Visionnaire identifies its business as a promoter of positive value for the community and wants to pursue one or more beneficial impacts – or minimize negative effects – towards people, communities, territories, and the environment in the exercise of economic activity beginning in 2021.

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With over 30 exclusive monobrand stores and a global network of department stores and multibrand showrooms, the brand is present in over 55 countries.

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Since 2004, Visionnaire has developed a particular design based on energetic material experimentation, volumes of unexpected elegance, and inimitable motifs that highlight the company’s entirely Italian heritage.

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The firm is an appropriate partner for unique projects in residential and contract applications, luxury hotellerie, as well as the yachting and aviation sectors, thanks to collaboration with a team of eclectic, imaginative Italian and international designers.

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The meta-luxury of contents and values is represented in the company’s responsible use of resources, technical innovation, and investments to improve the efficiency of its supply chain.

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Visionnaire relies on a network of over 30 crafts hubs spread across the country to create extraordinary, one-of-a-kind objects by mixing and matching materials, utilizing artisans’ skills to test, perfect, and define new compositional and material solutions, and defining the identity of each and every product by making it unique and inimitable, while also ready for reproduction. Visionnaire is likewise committed to its region in a strict and responsible manner.




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