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VArchitecture, a Top Architecture Firm From Puerto Rico

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VArchitecture is a Top Architecture Studio from Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States of America located in the northeast Caribbean Sea. Even though Puerto Rico is part of the US Family, one of the biggest Design and Architectural Markets in the World, it isn’t particularly known for its great Design and Architectural legacy. But there are some Puerto Rico companies and designers that are trying to put this territory in the Design Map. VArchitecture is one of those names.


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This architectural company has distinguished itself by becoming one of the leading architectural firms in Puerto Rico. For nearly four decades, VArchitecture has employed and promoted a multi-disciplinary team that has brought its experience, passion and standards of excellence to every project.


VArchitecture Project -Credits – VArchitecture

VArchitecture Project -Credits – VArchitecture


Has one of the biggest names of today’s Puerto Ricos’s Architectural Scene, VArchitecture has produced some stunning projects in the territory and those projects usually offer pragmatic design solutions and integrated project management. As stated on their official Website, VArchitecture’s mission envolves around the human factor and the excellence of creativity: “For us, the human factor of vision and architecture is an integral element necessary for conceiving, designing, and building a successful project. V Architecture prides itself on proven project management and clear communication from the conceptual design phase through construction administration.”


VArchitecture Project -Credits – VArchitecture

VArchitecture Project -Credits – VArchitecture


From Hospitality to Corporate and Residential, VArchitecturs has produced many amazing projects across its 40 Years of Existence. These projects include many high-end condominiums, like the Condominio Mirsonia, but also high-end hospitality projects like the renovation of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Bar in Puerto Rico.


VArchitecture, a Top Architectural Firm From Puerto Rico

VArchitecture Project/ Ritz Carlton Bar-Credits – VArchitecture


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