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Unique and timeless: Lynn Henchman

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After living and working as a top international designer in Asia and the Americas for the past 20 years, she’s been able to absorb an array of lovely cultures, and create sophisticated and elegant spaces worldwide. She’s thrilled to launch her namesake firm, Lynn Henchman Design in London, UK and Marbella, Spain.

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As the principal and founder of Lynn Henchman Design, it’s her goal to bring hear clients’ vision into a reality that is both unique and timeless. As such, She personally oversees every aspect of a project from conceptual design, selection of colors and materials, all the way through documentation and project management. That, combined with my multicultural experience in a variety of design styles, has allowed her to build and sustain long-lasting relationships with clients worldwide.

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Having grown up in London, She was surrounded by breathtaking European architecture that is rich in history and celebrated around the world. Her passion for design was perfected at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design, and has since taken over the international high-end hospitality and residential design industry for over two decades.

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Her illustrious career has led her to India, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Portugal, Canada and the Caribbean, where she’s created designs for a variety of clients including hotels, restaurants, clubs, villas and super yachts. Her extensive portfolio of commercial and residential projects includes Antilia, the world’s priciest home, as well as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and the Intercontinental Spa Resort in China.

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