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Best Interior Designers, Europe

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo

The Spanish interior designer Lorenzo Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo is an interior designer from Spain. He balances very well the classic with the modern vibe. Castillo creates his own ambiances and you can really see his signatures in all his work. With his daring combinations of colors and patterns, over the top sense of drama this designer definitely likes to take risks and break some boundaries!

Before venturing into interiors, Madrid-based designer Lorenzo Castillo trained his masterful eye as an antiquarian. His treasure trove of Old World finds are housed at his eponymous shop conveniently located blocks away from the intrinsically-inspiring Prado art museum. It’s this insatiable appreciation for antiques and art energized with a contemporary flare for color and print that has put him on the map, in just a handful of years, far beyond his native country. As one of Europe’s most desirable designers, Castillo is cast to do projects everywhere from Florence to London to Rotterdam. His talent is increasingly in-demand internationally, with projects commissioned around the world from Shanghai to the Dominican Republic to New York City. Most recently he traveled south to the lively, historical city of Sevilla to tackle a grand Spanish palace with free reign.

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo

He has a Degree in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid, Art and Antiques by the Antique School of Madrid, Silverware and Jewelry by Museum Fine Arts in Boston and History of American Art at Columbia University in New York, Castillo started its business as antiquarian and opened its first store in the center of Madrid in 1992, soon customers began to ask him to design the interiors of their homes.

Background & Realizations: best projects

Lorenzo Castillo’s work is endless. He has worked in so many projects over the years. Nonethless, Best Interior Designers points out some of the projects that he has been developing.

“Barrio de Las Cortes”

A house that mixes a very classical vibe with some modern elements. The paintings really transfigure the classic culture to this intemporal house. That is the signature that we talked about in Lorenzo Castillo’s interior design projects.

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -BarrioCortes-Img14548

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -BarrioCortes-3

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -BarrioCortes-2

Barrio de Las Terras

This duplex has a really different style, it is more modern than classic and the choice in terms of materials are more too wodden tables, neutral colors and a pop of yellow in the sofas and details in the walls.

The classic details are in big statues placed all over this Barrio de Las Terras.

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -barrioLetras-010_DSC0014a

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -barrioLetras-012_DSC0025

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -barrioLetras-013_DSC0104

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo -barrioLetras-015_DSC0117

Room Mate Luca

A hotel in Florencia Italia Located in San Lorenzo, this hotel is within a 10-minute walk of Saint Apollonia Last Supper, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and Academy Gallery. San Lorenzo Church and Battistero di San Giovanni are also within 10 minutes.

Staying there you can explore the historical center of Florencia. Castillo had some thought in this project since he used some bright colors, always with that sense of modern and classic mix.

Patterns and colors everywhere, the images don’t lie! Here in this hotel you will never be sad because the decoration doesn’t let you. This is one of the brightest projects of this interior designer.

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _HOTEL_LUCA_Florencia_MG_8597Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _HOTEL_LUCA_Florencia_MG_8705

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _HOTEL_LUCA_Florencia_MG_9799

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _HOTEL_LUCA_Florencia_MG_9757

Hotel in New York

He is one of the best Spanish interior designers and you can see that but the international projects that Lorenzo Castillo is involved in.

This New York Hotel really bring out his modern sense of style. The choices go from a black and white floor with green and gold details, the furniture is really modern and contemporary and even the way it is displayed is different than what we are used too.

No doubt this is a project to look forward to. If you stay in this hotel you will feel the interior design spirit of it and also the luxury that it encounters.

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _Hotel_New_York_Desayunos Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _Hotel_New_York-1

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _Hotel_New_York-2


Stores should be a place where you buy but also where you find a great space to enjoy your holidays. Lorenzo Castillo was involved in a store decoration and the results are impeccable.

The purpose of Ecoalf as a brand is to create the first generation of recycled products with the same quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products to show that there is no need to use our world’s natural resources in a careless way.

It is a whole different shopping experience!

Top Interior Designers | Lorenzo Castillo _ecoalf_05








The Most Iconic Projects

Lorenzo Castillo is called by AD Spain for the “magnificent”. This brilliant interior designer has some projects that we think are important to point out as the most iconic projects of this interior designer.

His Madrid is an authentic palace and you will be overwhelmed with so much beauty in just one place.

Upon entering the house yard gaped at the beauty and the “soul” which he created in the seventeenth-century construction that this period was a convent and in the eighteenth-century residence of Torrijos of Conde, Castillo worked for just over two years to restore and run his fabulous project in the colossal building square meters.





Ali, Lorenzo lives, works with a small team in its projects which are designed as the making of a piece of haute couture, get friends and exposes antiquarian pieces that are for sale. His familiarity with the world of antiques and its fantastic aesthetic sense, can be seen in their projects and this incredible home that is the calling card of this genius creator; the mix of classic antiques with parts of the twentieth century and the furniture created by the designer himself result in perfect looks.


Bombée chinoiserie dresser and wall lined with fabric of Lorenzo


Gallery with chandeliers in style of Napoleon III of Maison Bagués


Room with walls covered in antique prints, bamboo armchairs with Lorenzo Castillo textile cushions for Gaston and Daniela


Detail of antique prints collection


The dining room was all lined with mirrors panel designed by Lorenzo


The large lounge has mix of antiques and pieces of the twentieth century


Important Portuguese table XIII century


Daybed Louis XVI with fabric Joseph Frank and wall tapestry Rubens


Fireplace carved Louis XVI style, pair of chaise longues Charles X and the Dutch maps walls and Japanese-nineteenth century drawings


Being the guest room has a sofa Willy Rizzo, mirror with steel frame and ostrich eggs 1960s, the fabrics are Lorenzo Castillo to Gaston y Daniela

17th-Century Seville Palace

This house is not a permanent home but just a home to stay during “Semana Santa” a Spanish holiday and also to throw parties in Seville.

Castillo was inspired by Seville’s golden age in the XVI century. It was a time of crossroads between the New World and the trade routes of the past.

The entrance hall, called “zaguán” in Spanish, is traditionally very simple, painted in stucco and emblazoned with Renaissance-period stone medallions featuring Roman Emperor busts.

Not only did the pre-existing architecture influence Lorenzo’s design, but also the very important history of the city of Seville. He tried to be very conservative with the tradition and powerful style of a city in his designs by bringing them to the comfortable XXI century.




Leather Victorian ball chair; Louis Phillipe Neo-Gothic stone jardiniere; Bronze wall sconces with mirrors by Lorenzo Castillo.


He designed most of the upholstered furniture and lighting. Regarding the antiques, they are from all around the world but they are mostly Spanish. Castillo find the antiques at auctions, galleries, the shops at the Rastro in Madrid and le Marché aux Pûces in Paris.

The kitchen that opens to the courtyard features white marble floors, green handmade tiles, and custom-made cabinetry painted in green and white.


In this project, Castillo’s favourite room is the dining room because of the mix of colors and the richness of its different pieces and materials. It’s a bit crazy, but it works!

Rubens 17th century tapestry; Sofa and chairs upholstered in Gastón y Daniela fabric for Kravet.


The Reward: Bringing the majesty of a palace back to life with its Renasaince influence, Andalusian patio and Roman remains.

Window panels painted in a Farrow and Ball; Louis XV armchairs in provencal fabrics.


Main Staircase: Original 18th-century polychrome blue and yellow tile.


17th-century gilt Spanish mirror; Louis XVI bronze lantern; pair of bull heads; XVI-century ceiling is original to the house.


Canopy upholstered in Pierre Frey and Manuel Canovas fabric; Sofá upholstered in Etro fabric; Baguès red lacquer coffee table; Antique Spanish lantern; Venetian armchairs upholstered in Rubelli fabric.






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