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Bogen is a company from Switzerland. In the interior design / architecture, Bogen looks more closely with the people apart, which will use the spaces to be planned. For the wellbeing of their clients they relate psychological and social aspects responsibly in the planning. The individual design of the device is an integral part of Bogen’s performance. For each plan, they take into account economic, technical and constructive aspects.
In order to create a personalized, distinctive spatial environment, Bogen deals with the spatial proportions and the design elements of color, light and material. They design, plan, develop and realize catering and hotel concepts, fitness and pool landscapes, store designs, office planning and design of kitchens and bath. Also associated with alterations, improvements and renovations of houses and apartment conversions
Bogen’s powerful team guides the clients competently through all phases of development and provides solutions that are fully satisfies their aesthetic, practical and personal needs.
interior design / architecture is not a finished product and the quality of service of an interior design / architecture offices is difficult to judge often. In order to convince the clients of Bonge’s strengths in design, Bonge creates for them like a preliminary project.


Planning and execution of:

Pre-project phase, problem analysis study of possible solutions, rough estimate of the construction costs and Schedules
Preliminary, phase of the project, estimation of construction costs and schedules, construction project, building permit procedure, detailed studies, cost estimate
Preparatory phase of the implementation of provisional execution plans, tenders, analysis of tenders, requests forgiveness, schedule
Execution phase, entrepreneurs and supplier contracts, definitive design plans, design line, construction management
Final stage, final invoice.





Partial and complete renovations, conversions, interior design, functional concepts, design ideas, furnishing suggestions, design and detailed studies

Establishment and modification of:

Hotel, restaurant, spa and pool landscapes, office, conference room, private interior design, kitchens, sanitary facilities, shop, exhibitions, stationery, perfumery, cosmetics, pharmacy, drugstore, jewelery, optics, fashion and clothing industry.

“For the first impression there is no second chance. This has for the establishment of offices of course consequences. For the planning of your company, we also make emotions with decisively. We know that you make special demands on us as your partner. Demands on our ability to put yourself in your wants and needs into it, and to implement our creativity in concrete rooms contemporary and great design. To our experience, we have collected in our numerous interior design and architecture projects. And, ultimately, to a smooth coordination and an absolutely reliable time and cost management. Then – and only then – can we succeed in what we in each project anew to try: the personal and individual design of your business premises, your shop, restaurants, hotels or even your personal space. That is why we are always in an advisory capacity – before, during and of course after a joint project.”

Adrian Haslimeier




Client: Samsonite AG | Year: 2015 | Interior Design: Adrian Haslimeier, Gloria Humbel | Concept: remodeling showroom and office

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Client: Grieder Sport Baden AG | Year: 2015 | Interior Design: Adrian Haslimeier, Flavia Bertozzi, Chantal Wild | Concept: Conversion sports shop


resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport resized_4best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-grieder-sport




Client: Private | Year: 2015 | Interior Design: Gloria Humbel, Adrian Haslimeier | Concept: Bathroom remodeling

best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-muhlau-apartment best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-muhlau-apartment-1



Client: Humbel specialist distillery AG | Year: 2014 | Interior Design: Gloria Humbel, Adrian Haslimeier Nicola Frehner | Concept: Conversion Office




Client: Piotita GmbH | Year: 2015 | Interior Design: Désirée Zgraggen, Adrian Haslimeier | Concept: Conversion of sugar and art studio

best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-schlieren-piotita-sweetdelights best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-schlieren-piotita-sweetdelights best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-schlieren-piotita-sweetdelights best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-design-schlieren-piotita-sweetdelights



Client: Private | Year: 2014 | Interior Design: Gloria Humbel, Adrian Haslimeier | Concept: Bathroom remodeling

best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-schlieren-EFH best-interior-designers-top-interior-designers-bogen-schlieren-EFH


The Most Iconic Projects



Client: Private | Year: 2014 | architecture & interior design: D ésirée Zgraggen, Adrian Haslimeier | Concept: renovation and construction
Modern detached house in Birmenstorf

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. This includes the classic sandwiches just like the traditional single-family house, which is simply no longer an integral part of our living environment. Therefore, it draws us into this 360 ° -Article once not to distant lands or futuristic buildings.



This house in Birmenstorf, a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau, was – at least externally – very classically designed, so that it blends into the Baukontext. Inside, however, the home builders commissioned our experts from  Arch Design,  implement a very specific vision. What this is and how the result is down, you see, if you continue reading.

From the garden, considered the Swiss House is extremely idyllic. This is partly due to its traditional form and the wooden facade and the other on the winding garden path. The handsome building was 2014. Désirée Zgraggen  and  Adrian Haslimeier  built, which also took over the interior design.

A special feature of the house falls only from above really eye: A part of the roof is cantilevered from extremely far, which not only provides an interesting look but also for a sheltered entrance area. Under the roof overhang will also find a table and some chairs space. So you can enjoy the fresh air, without having to be delivered to the weather at all.
Also makes from the street the building a good impression. Here was placed on a white facade, which fits well with the appearance of neighboring houses. A carport in front of the house gives the family car shelter from rain and snow. Space concept Whoever enters the Swiss House, which immediately falls on a: Inside it emits virtually thanks to the generous use of the color white. Only a drab floor provides the dominant non-color Parole. The uniform design opens up the space and makes for a tasteful interior. For the complete look not to a monotonous, creative highlights were set. So the banister with strategically placed cutouts was embellished. Geometric window openings also provide an exciting light. Rules must be ensure the correct order in the open-plan kitchen area white cupboards. The worktops are kept in the light shade. To complete the picture, cold white LED emitters were introduced into the fitted kitchen around the work area. Kitchen island The centrally positioned kitchen island has been captured in this recording from an interesting perspective. Thanks to the reduced color scheme is an almost continuous line of the island gives way to the opposite door. From here you can see very well how much the atmosphere in the interior is influenced by the different sizes of window openings. Immerse the interior in natural light. The white decor reflects this even further, so that the interior seems to shine on a sunny day almost itself. Bathroom In the bathroom the strict color scheme was a bit broken. Responsible are a light brown flooring and a wall of natural stone. Against this backdrop, the modern sanitary facilities, as well as bath and basin set off excellently. For the bathtub a freestanding, egg-shaped model was chosen. This is just the latest trend and has yet classic. The bathroom is softly lit by LEDs that have been set into the ceiling. Also over the sink an additional light source is mounted.




Client: Zermatt Bergbahnen AG | Year: 2013 | Project management: loase, Zermatt | Interior design: Adrian Haslimeier | Concept: Conversion restaurant and shop


The highest mountain railway station in Europe with the newly designed restaurant in the Minergie-P standard sets standards for sustainability. The breathtaking mountain range of Italian, French and Swiss Alps seem close at 3,883 masl for gripping. The restaurant is part of the “peak experience” and what is perhaps the visit to the Klein Matterhorn.

Entrance with Shop – The access area to the restaurant was redesigned and adjusted. The guest is when entering the restaurants directly in the shop. In absolute prime location here, the goods are brought into focus and obtains exhibition character. The range includes both top sellers from Zermatt, equipment and products, which were developed specifically for the brand “Matterhorn Glacier Paradise”. This particular product line can be purchased only on the Klein Matterhorn. The goods will be in custom-designed furniture, which emphasize their exclusivity, presented. With blue mountaineering ropes, which are clamped wild between floor and ceiling, the store is optically isolated from the restaurant area. Through the playful use of the distribution of the ropes, spiraling into a cycle of review and separation. The voltage generated and defined passages lead guests through the shop in the restaurant.

Restaurant – At the heart of the restaurant makes the compact and yet spacious self-service area, which is closed to the building back out of the kitchen. The natural stone enclosure fits perfectly into the color scheme of the restaurant and makes for a pleasant chiaroscuro contrast to the carpet and the furniture.Various high tables surround the self-service zone, so guests are given the opportunity also to dine at high tables. The rope-topic will be resumed with the seating. Along the windows, there is the lounge area with a direct view of the Alpine panorama. The existing parapet has been reduced to a minimum over the entire length and forms a narrow support surface. The chairs are upholstered and feature and a backrest.The wall surfaces lying on rocks have been covered with gray-green natural stone from the region and form the back of the building. The use of natural stone creates an intense connection to the mountain. The gray Embracing windows can affect the area quiet. Lines of LED light strips on the ceiling and stainless steel inserts on the ground and in the tables running across the entire space and orient the visitors about its location. The lines indicate important mountaintop or cities around the world. They are all numbered and labeled. After a construction period of 2 months, the restaurant opened in December-2013. The company Arch Design GmbH was responsible for the creative direction and has implemented the conversion together with the company Loase from Zermatt.