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TOP INTERIOR DESIGNERS | Baltimore Design Center


The Baltimore Design Group specializes in the creation of stylish and functional residential and commercial spaces.

Founded by Keith Baltimore 25 years ago, the Baltimore Design Group is one of the leading design firms on the East Coast. Mr. Baltimore’s grasp of the aesthetic and attention to detail have resulted in a portfolio of client residences and facilities all over the world.

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In this unbelievably quick quarter of a century, Keith has cultivated a loyal following, for which he is deeply appreciative. Every day he is motivated by how fortunate he feels to have been able to build this prestigious design firm with the support of his wonderful clients, design industry colleagues, and dedicated staff. Keith has brought beauty into the lives of many, and is grateful and honored to share his talent.

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Baltimore Design Group has been featured in the media, television and designers’ showcases, including The New York Times, Newsday, NBC’s Open House LX-TV, The Design Network, Distinction Magazine, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Garden and Showtime House.


While distinguished for its residential work, the Baltimore Design Group also has a strong commercial following. The Baltimore Design Center’s 12,000-square-foot showroom houses an exclusive and extensive library of fabrics and trims, furnishings, accessories, rugs, wall coverings, window treatments and lighting. The retail shop features a broad array of furnishings in addition to a unique selection of handpicked gifts for the discerning host or hostess.

Their professional staff of interior designers, project managers and production technicians both formulate and implement ideas. Recognizing that timely execution of a project is a critical element to the process, they exclusively select service providers, architects, craftsmen, artisans and contractors with whom they have trusted established relationships.

The Baltimore Design Group’s paramount commitment to quality and unparalleled client service is an investment in excellence.

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They also have retail showroom in Port Washington, NY.

The Most Iconic Projects

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

“This bedroom is oddly shaped, almost like a boat,” says Keith Baltimore, “so I thought, Why not make people feel like they could sail away at any moment? I want families to get the impression that they’re docking here for a very short time.” The design took on aspects of a high-end yacht, with walls made to imitate teak and headboards fashioned with portholes. The bedding is a crisp white with navy trim, which further emphasizes the nautical color scheme.

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“The renovation of Ronald McDonald House resonated with me for its permanence and mission” says Keith, whose design in calming blues, refreshing white, and warm mahogany is reminiscent of a ship’s stateroom docked at a port for a brief visit, implying that the stay there is only temporary and that outside there is hope at the end. Keith designed this room to “embrace [the families] like a warm hug.”

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Keith’s Tip: “Avoid overdoing a themed room to the point that it looks obvious and unsophisticated. Carefully choose the pieces that fit with the theme, like I’ve done here with the mirrored port holes & nautical flags made fromthe same white linen as the roman shades.”

Living Room by Baltimore Design Group

To accentuate this massive living room, Keith enveloped the room with wide black and white horizontal stripes on the walls, visually bringing the ceiling height down to a more human scale.

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Keith often introduces unexpected decorative accessories like the whimsical gold ceramic banana placed in the pediment opening above the doorway and dramatic pieces like the brass lion tucked into the fireplace.

Summer Home

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Living room with an expansive view of the beach. The high ceiling and furniture kept low emphasize the sense of openness. The palm trees draw the outside in.

Way to success

At age 8 his parents were treated to his budding interior design talents. After studying architecture and human ecology at university, he has since built his own business employing 20 people. He design for people’s sake not for design’s sake. He truly listens to what the client envisions and his goal is to make it tangible for them. “Never be afraid of color! Even black is beautiful”- he advises.

Inspirational quotes from Keith Baltimore

“I was born to be a designer. When I lived at home, I was rearranging my parents’ furniture weekly.”

“I am an anthropologist when it comes to how people live and I sculpt their lives”

“My style? I don’t have one. The American family has changed. Everyone is hooked up. The art of conversation is gone. I will not have a desk in the bedroom. No more dining room! You use it once or twice a year, for a Seder or family get-together…. The kitchen is the heart of the house — an open space where the family’s socialization takes place. My challenge is how to solve the issue of ‘flow.’ There is no psychological separation in an open space, [which] enables you to keep an eye on kids, traffic, conversation…. You get involved in the rhythm of peoples’ lives. I love what I am doing. I always end up getting attached to the people.”


Award-winning designer showcases including The 2011 Hampton Designers Showhouse. Baltimore Design Group was a 2010 contributor to “Showtime House” at Cassa NY and also received the 2009 Producer’s Award from Mansions and Millionaires at La Selva.

Top Projects Gallery

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