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Baden Baden Interior is an interior design store in Amsterdam managed by Julie de Vries that provides also interior design services, from small adjustments to full projects. Baden Baden Interior bases its designs on the vision that an interior should fit a client’s personality whilst being both functional and timeless. By using high quality natural materials and symmetry of design, a sense of peace and quality is created within a home. Baden Baden Interior has completed a wide variety of projects, creating the perfect atmosphere in office spaces, art galleries and hotels, as well as decorating and furnishing model homes.


The Baden Baden Interior store was founded by Piet and Karin Boon in the year 2000 as a showroom with a unique collection of furniture and bathrooms, which at the time was a reflection of their design philosophy. In the year 2010 the store was taken over by their manager Julie de Vries.

For the last thirteen years Baden Baden Interior has become a well-known name in the world of interior design with an important part of their focus being the design and refurbishment of bathrooms and ‘wellness-spaces’ in homes.

They have consistently shown innovation by introducing high quality, prominent and high profile brands into the market and introduced the classic French sanitary collection, Volevatch, to Holland.

They also introduced the exclusive bathroom design, Boffi, to Amsterdam, in addition to becoming the Dutch flagship store of the well-known furniture brand Flexform in 2002.  Baden Baden Interior is also a dealer of the popular Piet Boon Collection.

Over the years Julie de Vries has held on to the values that were established by Piet and Karin Boon in the beginning. At Baden Baden Interior she has created her own sense of style and atmosphere, building a reputation for her reliability and creativity. Baden Baden Interior is proud of her international portfolio with loyal customers.

Baden Baden Interior has a really enthusiastic team of experienced interior design specialists who are able to take on interior design, layout and styling for your entire project, whatever the size. They can develop a single room, an entire house or a project, both at home or abroad.

An interior doesn’t come to life without a personal touch. This can be using an heirloom, an object or a piece of art. Baden Baden Interior constantly presents the works of established artists and upcoming talents and contemporary photographers, such as Lars Zech and Ernst Gamperl, Gilles Caffier and Ron Moret and the work of ceramists such as Rina Menardi.

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Over the years Baden Baden Interior has worked on many personal, timeless, luxury bathrooms and interior projects, independently and in co-operation with Piet Boon Studio.

Zwolle Hotel Suits

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Zwolle Wellness Hotel

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House in Almelo

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House in Amsterdam

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The Best Project – Amsterdam Apartment

This project started with designing a bathroom cabinet. Once on location Baden Baden Interiors were asked to help with some ideas about the rooftop terrace and the interior styling. The light-filled, high-ceiling living room was in need of a dark accent, which led designers to the DIEKE sofa from the Piet Boon Collection, which the residents loved.


Because the modular elements ensure that you can change the combination around, there is the possibility of having a totally different sofa every night!


In the modern spaces the styling is based on more muted colours.  Designers chose to combine many structures and materials like leather, wool, cotton, ceramics and metal, all in matching shades.


The Rasta poufs, pillows and plaids by Arcade bring warmth and comfort to the interior.


The rooftop terrace offers a beautiful view of the city of Amsterdam and creates a lovely outdoor lounge area for the residents.


Here they chose a Piet Boon Collection outdoor set, including separate cushions- a beautiful, functional suite whose teak wooden frames can be left outside in winter (under a covered canvas case) and with cushions that can survive a drop of rain or two.

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