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Fiona Lynch, a very well respected interior designer for more than 15 years, is written another chapter in her life, has she recently had launched her own independent practice, Fiona Lynch, in Collingwood.


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Her amazing career has notable names like MGT Architects, John Wardle Architects and Bates Smart. In 2005, she started her own business, as a co-director at Doherty Lynch. In the begging of 2015, she started her own independent practice and in 7 months has conceptualized, designed and finished several residential and hospitality projects, with names like Phillippa Sibley and Jason Jones’ restaurant Prix Fixe. She also moonlights as a rug designer on the side, a collaboration with Irish goat-hair rug manufacturer Tretford.


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She is known by her inventive use of space, custom details and material. Her goal is always to create authentic, classic and quality designs. Fiona tries to personalized all of her projects. With focus on good planning and in the creation of emotive spaces, the designer gives a lot of importance to the selection of the materials.

Nowadays, she’s following the work of Don Mcqualter, Ricky Swallow, and Marsha Golemc and Brooke Holm, but her real inspiration is Ilse Crawford. When she needs inspiration she goes to books of past architects and favorite artists, she is also a subscriber of many magazines and she particularly loves Elle Décor Italy; every morning she visits blogs and Instagram accounts to find for inspiration.


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Fiona described herself in five words: intuitive, fun, ambitious, organized and creative. Her inspirations of all time are Mardi Doherty – her design partner -, Volker Haug – lighting designer – and John Chamberlain – sculptor.





Fiona has more than 15 years of experience in the field of interior design. In her portfolio is possible to see collaborations with some of the best name’s in the industry and she’s an award winning director. Nowadays, she is the leader of a multidisciplinary team with focus on interior design, architecture, visual arts and management, where each project gains the respect of industry peers whilst individual project regularly generate media coverage in national and international titles.


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Her first memories, of being aware of interiors and spaces, go back to her childhood to the River House by Peter Mcintyre that was behind her next door neighbour’s house. Her rug collaboration with Tretford is inspired in the triangular forms of the House and its bold and playful use of color.

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She studied at RMIT, Fine Art course and then Interior Design course. Her first job was as a student intern at Geyer Design, where she worked across retail and corporate interiors. When she finished her graduation, she moved to Canberra, where she worked for MGT architects, which allow her to participate on several projects like the State Library of South Australia to residential projects in Hong Kong.

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When she return to Melbourne, she had the opportunity to work in John Wardle Architects, where she has focus on residential projects. Fiona last stop was at Bates Smart, where she had the opportunity to work on a large residential project in Beijing, before she started her own business in 2005, as a co-director of Doherty Lynch.

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Nowadays, Fiona has a new focus: food retail projects. During her career, Fiona has worked on several projects. The following names are some of her best works: Rechner House, Hawthorn East House Residence, Park Street Residence and Caroline Street House.


The most iconic work of this interior designer is Prix Fixe – Australia’s first ticketed restaurant -, that is the result of a collaboration between the designer and chef Philippa Sibley and restaurateur Jason Jones. This was a first-time collaboration between two seasoned operators in hospitality in Melbourne. The goal of the design was to create an inherent sense of theatre present in a dynamic and busy restaurant.

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She is creating a second collection of rugs that have with main material goat-hair. In 2014, her project Cannings Butchers was nominated one of the Best Retail Design.

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In 2014, Fiona has created a partnership with Fields, that was the result of a discussion with the owner of Gibbon Group Distributers of the Tretford goat hair product from Ireland. It was suggested that the Fiona designed a range of rugs on a design completed for a private client. The Fields range is inspired in geometric compositions and in bold. Their sizes can be rectangular, circle or hall runners, but it is also possible to customize sizing and the colors.


These products are made locally and a new range will be release soon – called ‘Shard’ – with new colors. This new collection will be more angular and the colors will tend to be more in a muted soft palate. They want to develop new products, like furniture and lighting.


“No two projects are always the same”

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“We see design as the expression of a story through materials, so we strive to create spaces of warmth, emotion and livability, always striving to deliver outcomes that are completely resolved and authentic”.


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If Fiona had to choose her favorite project, her choice would fall on Peter Bouchier’s butcher shop and Prix Fixe. Peter Bouchiers butcher shop, it was a project where the designer has worked with Peter and Sue Bouchier, and the shop was shortlisted for the Eat Drink Awards and the Idea Awards.

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Prix Fixe, is the result of a partnership with Philippa Sibley and Jason Jones in 2014. The project had resulted in a moody and dramatic interior that represents a backdrop for the theatrically inspired menu.

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Cannings Butchers fiona lynch TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER | Fiona Lynch Cannings Butchers

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