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Set up in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati is an architectural design studio which works on a large scale. The investigation into the dynamics and flows in urban places forms the basis of a wide range of projects for the tertiary, manufacturing and residential sectors. Equally important for the studio is the planning of interiors which pays close attention to both craftsmanship and design. This adopts a transversal approach to the planning process and a vision that seeks to interrelate cultures and specializations, experiments with new technologies and is sensitive to the issues of sustainability and energy saving.

Top Architects Park Associati (8)

Top Architects Park Associati (1)

Such an approach opens up new possibilities in terms of scope and vision, and on each occasion gives rise to original compositional landscapes where architecture, place, technology and materials combine to create different spatial forms. The projects on urban and architectonic scale underline the aptitude of Park Associati to research solutions that can combine local identity and technological innovation, this is confirmed by the recent awards in competitions and following realized projects.

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Top Architects Park Associati-Brioni Flagship store Milan (6)

The projects of Park Associati have been showed in several exhibitions and published in Italian and international architecture magazines.

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Filippo Pagliani

Graduated from the School of Architecture at Milan Polytechnic. Worked with Renzo Piano from 1992 to 1996 in Paris. Joined Michele De Lucchi in Milan in 1996 till 1999, then founded PARK ASSOCIATI in 2000. From 1999-2002 professor at ISAD (Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design). From 1996 to present, professor at the Building Elements Design Laboratory at Milan Polytechnic. In 2008 PHD graduation ‘Building Systems and Processes’ in the same faculty.

Top Architects Park Associati-Filippo Pagliani

Michele Rossi

He graduated in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic in 1991 and from 1992 to 1996 worked with Michele De Lucchi. In 1996 he moved to London to join David Chipperfield and Din Associates; at the same time was Visiting Professor at St. Martin’s School of Arts. In 1999 he returned to Italy and in 2000 founded PARK ASSOCIATI. From 1999 to 2001 he taught at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and from 1999-2004 professor at ISAD (Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design). Since 2005 is professor at Milan Bovisa Polytechnic.

Top Architects Park Associati-Michelle Rossi


Office projects

Gioiaotto, Milan, Italy (2014)

Gioiaotto office building - Park Associati best architects in the world

Nestlé headquarters, Assago, Italy (2013)

Top Architects Park Associati-Nestle Headquarters office building

La serenissima office building, Milan, Italy (2012)

Gioia 22 office building, Milan, Italy (2012)

Valtorta office building, Milan, Italy (2011)

U14 Milanofiori office building, Assago,Italy (2010)

Tiziano 32 office building, Milan, Italy (2009)

Rossetti Design headquarters, Milan, Italy (2006)

Acer Italia heaquarters, Milan, Italy (2002)

Fineurop headquarters, Milan, Italy (2002)

6th floor Credit Suisse headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany (2001)


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Residential project

Residential and commercial complex, Varese, Italy (2011)

Milan apartment, Milan, Italy (2011)

Delnicka residential tower, Praha, Czech Republic (2010)

Val Tidone private house, Pianello Val Tidone, Italy (2005)

Cantone private house, Pianello Val Tidone, Italy (2003)

Private apartment, Milan, Italy (2001)


Retail project

Milan Brioni flagship store, Milan, Italy (2014)

Brioni Flagship store Milan

Brioni boutiques worldwide, International (2014)

Salewa flagship store, Bolzano, Italy (2012)

Top Architects Park Associati-Bistrot Salewa (3)

Saporiti Italia Showroom, Singapore (2008)

CP Company shops system, Italy (2007)

Piaggio group retail system (2006)

Credit Suisse financial centers Germany, Frankfurt/Munich/Berlin/Stuggart, Germany (2001)

Credit Suisse financial center milan (2000)

Brabbu rugs

Public projects

Italia pavillion – Expo 2015, Milan, Italy (2013)

Bistrot Salewa, Bolzano, Italy (2012)

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi Renewal, La Spezia, Italy (2010)

Ach Angola Creativity hub, Angola (2010)

Hotel Dubai, Dubai (2007)

Landesmuseum, Munster, Germany (2004)

Ferrari-Maserati Museum, Modena, Italy (2004)

Maxxi Entrance hall, Rome, Italy (2004)


POP projects

Priceless, Milan, Italy (2015)

Top Architects Park Associati-Restaurant Priceless Milan

Triennale top restaurant (2014)

The Cube by Electrolux, Stockholm, Sweden (2012)

The Cube by Electrolux, London, UK (2012)

Top Architects Park Associati -The-Cube-London

The Cube by Electrolux, Milan, Italy (2011)

The Cube by Electrolux, Bruxelles, Belgium (2011)



*Milan Brioni flagship store

The Flagship Store in Milan that opened recently is currently Brioni’s largest space in the world in terms of sheer size (700 m² set over three floors). The store is accommodated in a four-storey building in Via Gesù 4, within the boundaries of the famous quadrilateral of Milan fashion. In this case, Park Associati was responsible for modernising the building, which used to be the famous old home of Brioni’s tailoring shop and offices in Milan. The layout of the various goods areas respects the old-fashioned division of space, which Park Associati has carefully redesigned to enhance the brand’s products to the maximum and cater for the client’s desire to welcome customers into an elegant, linear setting.

Top Architects Park Associati-Brioni Flagship store Milan (4)
The ground floor space is designed to be a seamless continuation of the building’s internal courtyard: a secret and surprising place characteristic of traditional Milanese architecture. The display windows for the various products face onto the courtyard at different heights. The entire store is constructed around interaction with the courtyard and inflowing sunlight. The spaces are all fitted with windows to recreate the setting of a luxury tailor’s shop bursting with natural light and looking onto the neighbouring streets.

Top Architects Park Associati-Brioni Flagship store Milan (10)

The various sections devoted to footwear, leisurewear formalwear are located on the first floor. A large tailor’s workshop on this floor provides vital support for the shop’s business operations. The second floor, on the other hand, is devoted to tailor-made products and a private VIP room, with the concept of elegance and exclusiveness characterising the brand emphasised through the presence of a lounge area, whose furnishing and fittings are all custom-designed. The wooden ceiling is enhanced by a set of lamps made of custom-designed ribbed glass. The atmosphere feels even more exclusive due to the windows, which, although fitting in with those in the store area, focus on the craftsmanship of their manufacture.

Project additional information

Lighting Design
Methis Lighting, Milano
Marinella Patetta
Daniela Tava


Sercos, Martinengo (BG)

Main suppliers

Ceiling Lighting
Flos, Milano
Archilux, Pietrasanta

Spaces Lighting
Light Contract, Brescia
Archilux, Pietrasanta

Ruckstuhl Tappeti e Moquettes, Milano Travertino interior and courtyard
Marmi Vrech, Cervignano del Friuli (Udine)

Poltrona Frau, Milano
Driade, Milano
Oluce, Milano


*The Cube by Electrolux, Milan, Italy (2011)

Milan is the second stop on the European tour of THE CUBE, a nomadic, stateless and cosmopolitan piece of architecture, a pavillion designed to host a small, temporary restaurant. Originating from Electrolux’s concept of an itinerant restaurant, THE CUBE has been conceived and organized by the Belgian event agency Absolute Blue; the design of the pavilion, as well as the interior design, was developed by the Italian firm Park Associati, Milano; Logo and Texture Design by Studio FM Milano.

Top Architects Park Associati-The Cube Milan Restaurant (3)

Park Associati’s architectural project has been conceived as a module that can be assembled and disassembled relatively easily. The structure is suitable for all climatic conditions, even the most extreme, while always providing the maximum in living comfort with its refined aesthetics and use of high-quality materials. The pavilion’s lightness of form is emphasized on the exterior by its white colour and given a sense of movement through the use of an aluminum “skin” that has been laser-cut to create a texture with a geometric design that covers the exterior surface.

Top Architects Park Associati-The Cube Milan Restaurant (2)

The interior of the THE CUBE has been designed to accommodate various configurations; the pavilion consists of a large open space with a visible kitchen and a single large table that can disappear by raising it to the ceiling, allowing space for a lounge area after dinner. The total floor area of 140 sqm is divided between the open space and a 50 sqm terrace. The employed materials are highly innovative in terms of technology, eco-sustainability and energy saving, as well as constantly reusable.

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Top Architects Park Associati-The Cube Milan Restaurant (5)

Michele de Lucchi comments on the project: “ It is one of those projects that open things up: in fact too often solutions resolve but do not leave space for the imagination, for innovation, for evolution. This ‘CUBE’ that is not actually a cube, has a great proactive force and immediately presents itself for what it is: defying the paralysis of thinking and the imagination.”



The new headquarters of Salewa, one of the most important manufacturing firms in Bolzano, is integrated into the landscape at the point where the city of Bolzano meets the uncontaminated nature of the mountains. As well as housing new work spaces, the building aims to provide a space of interaction and communication between the company and its network of suppliers, partners and clients. The new headquarters represents a point of convergence between different elements of everyday life: from physical, social and communicative dimensions to work styles and leisure.

Top Architects Park Associati-Bistrot Salewa (1)

The Salewa headquarters is formed by a series of multifaceted slabs and towers, including a 50 metre-high structure which when built will be the tallest building in the city. The project combines an electro-coloured micro-perforated aluminium skin which protects the most exposed parts of the building with a large vertical glass covering. The resulting visual effect is that of a rock crystal. The interplay between the thin sheet metal-like pillars and the delicate protective layers frame the façades and underline the contrast between the invisible and visible areas. Situated in a particular geographic location, this complex represents a place of information exchange between the dense web of material and immaterial relations that constitute the life of a modern company. Cino Zucchi collaborated with Park Associati to achieve this architecture project! Two of the biggest Italian architecture, working together for this office/commercial project! How great is this?




Top Architects Park Associati-Nestle Headquarters (1)

Nestle Headquarters