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The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

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Today, Best Interior Designers will talk about the Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in the City of London! The Zaha Hadid Architects and the David Chipperfield Architects are two of the biggest Architecture Firms in London and they were founded by two of the most amazing and powerful Architects in recent history, and both of them helped shape London’s Architectural and Design scene with their creative concepts and powerful ideas!


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The legendary David Chipperfield continues active in the Architectural Industry and within its own Firm, but unfortunately, Zaha Hadid has left us in 2016. Even though Hadid is no longer with us, her legacy and creative spirit are well alive within her Architecture Studio that continues to help shape London’s visual style! It’s now time to get to know the work of both Zaha Hadid Architects & David Chipperfield Architects!


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Credits Zaha Hadid


As the name suggests it, Zaha Hadid Architects is an international Architecture and Design Firm founded by the late architect Zaha Hadid! Known worldwide for her Modern and Powerful Designs, Hadid helped shaped today’s Architecture and she was responsible for some of the most stunning design projects in London like the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, the Evelyn Grace Academy, the Investcorp Building and, most notably, the incredible London Aquatics Centre that was built for the London Olimpic Games in 2012 and stands today as one of the most iconic Sports Centers of London!


The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

London Aquatics Center/ Credits Zaha Hadid

The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

Evelyn Grace Academy/ Credits Zaha Hadid



After the death of Hadid, her Team kept her Legacy and her Firm alive. They continued to work on the projects started by their mentor and led them to completion. Till this day there isn’t one single project started by Hadid that her team didn’t finish in her memory and following her directions! In the new projects, the Zaha Hadid Architects strive to achieve the vision of Zaha Hadid and her attention to futuristic detail and, by doing so, they continue to be considered a reference within the Architectural and Design industries.


The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

Credits David Chipperfield


Since its foundation in 1985 by Head Architect David Chipperfield,  the amazing and popular David Chipperfield Architects has developed a diverse international body of work including cultural, residential, commercial, leisure and city projects, as well as master planning exercises. This practice has won more than 100 international awards and citations for design excellence, including Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Royal Fine Art Commission (RFAC) and American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards, as well as the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2007, and the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award in 2011.


The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

Gormley Studio / Credits David Chipperfield

The Design Influence of Zaha Hadid & David Chipperfield in London

One Kensington Gardens/ Credits David Chipperfield


It’s Head Designer David Chipperfield is considered, next to the late Zaha Hadid, one of London’s most respected and popular Architects of the last decade! His amazing career within the DC Architects has granted him the prestigious title of  “Knight” by the Queen of England! Sir David Chipperfield is decidedly one of the most globally recognized personalities in architecture and design. His award-winning work has been recognized many times over for its simplicity and clarity of vision and, in London, he was responsible for the iconic designs of several powerful buildings, namely the River and Rowing Museum, the Gormley Studio, the Café Royal Hotel, the One Pancras Square, London or the One Kensington Gardens. In 2016 he was also responsible for creating fashion icon Valentino’s flagship store in London.


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